Lockdown: New measures are announced for businesses and employees

The cube was knocked down and the country enters a second general lockdown due to the coronavirus. After the first quarantine, the rapid increase in cases overturns the government’s plans. A new negative record of 2,646 cases, 18 deaths and 179 intubations in one day, led to tougher decisions, generalizing the lockdown across the country. The new data puts the country’s economy to a new test, as they will remain All retail stores and hairdressers will be closed, while supermarkets and food stores, gas stations and pharmacies will be open, as in the first wave of the pandemic. For this reason, the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras at 15: 00 will present the financial support measures. The lockdown and the support package of 2.3 billion. Expansion, expansion and strengthening of the package of measures for the coronavirus that if The Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, announced last Saturday that the “bill”, due to the universal lockdown, will far exceed 2.3 billion euros (concerning the local lockdown). Speaking to ERT, Mr. Staikouras stressed that “we have the cash to support even more than Saturday morning” and pointed out that the existing package of measures (November) will be strengthened to extend the suspensions of contracts, special purpose compensations, its “umbrella” repayable advance 4 and 5, liquidity tools, but also the suspensions of tax and insurance liabilities. Mandatory rent reductions will be extended in the same direction, while, as Mr. Staikouras stressed, there will be additional initiatives to compensate property owners. In the field of support measures, he said that today the strategy of prudent use of cash is being proven. . He spoke about expanding, enlarging, enriching and strengthening existing measures. liquidity in companies with a basic Lever the Reimbursable Advance which now includes both new businesses and freelancers and sole proprietorships without employees and cash register. He did not rule out new interventions. As an example of support, he said that the company can put its employees on suspension, will receive rent reductions, will not pay tax liabilities immediately and will be facilitated for their repayment in the future. the t banks for its loan obligations and in the field of liquidity can be included in the Repayable Advance. Read also: Debts: New debt settlement in 12 or 24 installments Cash and cash equivalents According to the Minister of Finance, there are more than 37 billion to meet the additional financing needs of the enlarged measures, while the final text of the state budget will reflect the current forecast for this year’s recession. According to Mr. Staikouras, the national draft for the country’s investment and reform plan will be sent in Brussels in November. The amount of 1.3 billion euros of the SURE (Labor Fund) program is expected to arrive within the month. The funds from the EIB will follow next January, while the first 5.5 billion euros of the Recovery Fund are estimated to be disbursed after the first half of 2021. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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