Lockdown: Consumers return to March quarantine habits

According to the results of a survey conducted by IELKA with a sample of 850 people from November 2 to 3, 2020, according to the results of a survey conducted by IELKA from November 2 to 3, 2020, according to the results of a survey conducted by IELKA (Research Institute). Retail Consumer Goods), the biggest difference between the lockdown of March and November, is the reduction of focus (a large percentage already before the implementation of the measures did not choose it), while in addition to food consumption in restaurants, are expected to be affected and home delivery-consumption, but also the receipt of ready-made food (take-away) from the store. On the contrary, it seems that three habits of consumers increase significantly: Cooking at home, as well as making sweets and coffee. The general care of the house such as cleaning, repairs, gardening, etc. use of social mediaProducts, services in the time of lockdownLess increase is expected to occur sports activities and time in front of the TV. Corresponding data were recorded last spring. However, in contrast to Spring, it seems that shopping and consumer habits are not accompanied by a corresponding increase in household spending, either because in some species the cost is already sufficiently high, or because of economic opportunities. Consumers estimate that consumers will not be affected at all. food expenditures, while their total expenditure on supermarket purchases will be reduced to a small degree. It is therefore estimated that there is no room for another increase in this expenditure, which has already remained increased, while the fatigue of the buying public is also recorded. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are also expected not to be affected by the developments. With increasing growth, however, it seems that consumer protection products such as masks, antiseptics, gloves, etc. will move as the expected maintenance of protection measures, but also the outbreak of the pandemic seems that they cause concern to consumers.In addition there is no horizon for immediate lifting of protection measures, which also affects developments. Home care items are also expected to increase, due to the longer stay in the public house and the trend mentioned above. On the contrary, the expenditure on confectionery items is expected to decline, due to the adoption of social distancing measures (it is noted that the holiday season follows), but also the items of personal care for the same reasons. Consumption of ready-made food and coffee also seems to show a decline, which is due to staying at home, teleworking, but also in the general consumer climate. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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