Lockdown: 12 SOS for owners, tenants, employees, professionals

In order to support businesses and households, the government is unfolding in recent days the new package of measures announced by its financial staff on the occasion of the new lockdown. The package of measures consists of suspensions of tax and other obligations, allowance policy for suspended and unemployed workers, measures for property owners, financial tools for businesses. A dozen questions and answers present all the secrets of how the measures will be implemented, who they concern, what procedures should be followed and how long they will be valid. Do the new measures in November include suspensions for payment of tax and other obligations? Yes, there is a suspension for the payment of VAT and other tax liabilities that concern both individuals and companies with an extension until the end of 2020, if they are considered affected. What applies to the payment of VAT? For companies that are suspended their operation by order of a public authority gives the possibility of suspending the payment of VAT, payable in November, until April 30, 2021. In fact, this debt will be repaid in 12 installments with zero interest rate, or 24 installments with an interest rate of 2.5%, from May 2021 onwards.For tax liabilities to whom is the suspension of payments? Is it possible to suspend the payment of installments r adjusted tax and insurance debts, payable in November, for companies that have suspended their operation by state order and the repayment of these obligations to be postponed in installments, after November 30. This provision also applies to employees whose employment contract is suspended. Are there changes in the program of Refundable Advance 4 and what do they provide? On the occasion of the new lockdown, the list of companies that are now entitled to participate in the program of Refundable Advance 4 In particular, companies that were closed by state order, are entitled to participate regardless of their turnover decline. The platform for submitting applications is expected to open immediately so that the disbursement of the aid to the beneficiaries can begin. The fourth cycle of the Reimbursable Advance is extended as companies that have been closed by state order but also individual companies, self-employed, self-employed but also scientists such as engineers, lawyers affected by the pandemic under the extended list can receive support. The 4th cycle of the Refundable Advance is based on the reduction of the turnover September – October. New businesses that started in 2020 and until today could not participate in the previous Refundable Credit cycles now have this right. In addition, sole proprietorships without employees will be able to receive an amount of 1,000 euros while for the rest a mathematical formula will apply, with a minimum of 2,000 euros. When is the disbursement of the money of the Refundable Advance 4 expected? Will there be a new cycle of repayable advance payments? The disbursement is expected to take place in November while the fifth cycle of the program is expected in December with the money disbursed to the beneficiaries in the same month. Does it apply to the previous months? Yes. There are changes in relation to the rents as now all the companies that are affected and their operation has been suspended according to the expanded list of KAD April, are entitled to a mandatory reduction of rent by 40% on their professional properties while the same applies to the main residence of employees suspended employment contract, but also for the student residence of their children, throughout the territory. However, according to what the Ministry of Finance announced, this is valid only for the month of November. How will the owners be compensated. Will the offset with tax liabilities apply? Not for the month of November the offset ceases to apply. For this month, the owners who rent real estate, will receive 1/2 of their loss directly in their bank accounts. The application process on the AADE electronic platform is expected to start immediately so that the beneficiaries can see the money in their bank accounts within December. The offset against other tax liabilities is valid for the previous months. Has the government taken any legislative initiative on the issue of unsecured checks? Yes, there will be legislative intervention on unsecured checks. In fact, according to information, it will concern the checks in branches with their obligatory suspension of operation so that they do not join Tiresias in case uncovered checks appear. The forecast may also apply to the Tourism sector. Will the suspension continue until the end of the year for household and business loans? Regarding household and business loans, the suspension of bank loan installments of all types (business, housing and consumer) continues. based on the expanded list of KAD April, in consultation with the Hellenic Banking Association, by the end of the year. For the suspension, the borrowers (businesses and households) should apply for the necessary procedures to the banks with which they work. What applies to the suspension of employees for the month of November? Business employees can be temporarily suspended from employment and be entitled to special purpose compensation, in proportion to the period for which they are suspended. Especially for the month of November the special purpose allowance will be at 800 euros instead of 534 euros that was valid for the previous months in proportion to the days of suspension, while from the state budget, proportionally, will be covered all the insurance contributions of the employees, calculated on nominal salary of the employee. The payment of the allowance is estimated to start on 27/11/20120 until 3/12/2020. The affected companies will have to submit their applications from 15/11/2020 to 7/12/2020 and the closed businesses from 15/11 to 24/11/2020. Employees will submit their applications at the same time. Are there any prohibitions for companies during the period of suspension of their employees’ employment contract? Yes, for the cases of companies that obligatorily put their employees on suspension, they are prohibited from making redundancies even if they do these are invalid. In addition, for the affected companies that put their staff on suspension, the clause of maintaining the existing number of employees for one month after the activation of the suspensions also applies. Will there be an extension of unemployment benefits? Yes, all unemployment benefits that expired and expire in September are extended , October, November and December, by two months depending on their expiration. In addition, within December, a one-time financial aid of 400 euros will be granted to non-subsidized long-term unemployed. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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