Liverpool – Sheffield United 2-1

Back to the victories for Liverpool! Although they were back in the score from the 11th minute, the “reds” made the upset against Sheffield United and took the victory (2-1) for the 6th game of the Premier League. Sheffield was ahead with a goal Berge’s penalty kick in the 11th minute, but Klopp’s team picked up the pace and equalized with Firmino in the 41st minute, for Zota to make the upset in the 64th minute. The Liverpool match started better and only in the 1st minute it came close to the goal. Robertson made the vertical ball to Mane from the left, he tried to find Salah, but at the last minute Egan removed. In the 3rd minute, Alexander-Arnold tried to score an incredible goal behind the cross, but Ramsde Despite the threatening moments of Liverpool in the first minutes, Sheffield was the one who took the lead. McBurney received a mark on the area line from Fambino and after using the VAR, the Referee pointed to the penalty spot. Berge took over and beat Allison 0-1 in the 11th minute. Chris Wilder’s team took advantage of Liverpool’s defensive gaps and lost two chances in three minutes to double their goals. McBurney’s shot in the 21st minute did not find a target, while three minutes later Allison punched Osborne’s one-piece shot. The “reds” had no intensity in their game, but managed to equalize before the end of the half. Henderson did Mane headed in the cross, with Ramsdale blocking it, but then Firmino took the rebound and made it 1-1 in the empty net in the 41st minute. Liverpool made it 1-1 against Sheffield United! Henderson’s well-balanced cross from the right, Mane took the header, Ramsdale repulsed weakly and Firmino took the rebound to push it into the net of the defenseless home of the blades. Liverpool increased their performance in the second half and scored in the 63rd minute with Salah, but the Egyptian goal was canceled as he was in an offside position. However, a minute later came the upset for the “reds”. Mane made a sweet cross from the left and Zota with a nice header from the heart of the area left no room for reaction to Ramsdale for 2-1. Sheffield went on the attack in the final minutes and came close to equalizing in the 75th minute with Allison blocking Bassam’s shot. Liverpool missed a great opportunity to score a third goal with Salah in the 81st minute but the ball ended up in the crossbar. In the delays, Berge made the shot from the height of the big area, with the ball going out. 83 ‘Minamino) SHEFFIELD: Ramsdale, Bassam, Baldock, Stevens, Abadou, Egan, Berge, Lundstrμm (76’ McGoldrick), Osborne, McBurney, the All Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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