Linou, Giamarellou, the Minister of Health and a proposal of political opportunism

Alexis Tsipras’ proposal for Minister of Health is generally accepted “everywhere”. And it highlights the political opportunism that governs many of the moves or proposals made by the official opposition leader. First of all, as a proposal it is completely funny, in the sense that this government was voted on 1.5 years ago, it is widely accepted and It rules. The job of the opposition is to exercise regular opposition and not to propose co-government in essence. In other words, what will be the next step of a party that does not get more than 20% in the polls? To propose a government of national unity with another prime minister and to call for elections? From a political point of view, therefore, the proposal for a Minister of Health that everyone will accept, is just a communication blister. Let them file a motion of censure against him or tear him up daily highlighting his mistakes. The minister is judged by the prime minister of each government and, as we know, the reshuffle will come at some point and will put things in their place. in the sense that he was in government for 4.5 years. And they did not do everything perfectly. In fact, the opposite. Did the former prime minister replace any minister from those “coats” that led the country to the rocks? Did he change any minister from those who shamed Greece or with their actions degraded it at all levels? No, of course. Alexis Tsipras and every prime minister are judged by his choices. Fortunately, democracy is a state in which the people are the final judge. SYRIZA was also judged. Be sure that ND will be judged at some point and for many of its actions will eat a “red” card. Until the time of the people comes, however, the government rules, the opposition controls. Simple, democratic and straightforward. Unless they think in Koumoundourou that they have some kind of popular mandate of co-government. The Divine Communion and the minister Let’s now go to the person they nominated for Minister of Health. The professor and very serious scientist, Athena Linou. A sober voice that has done great work in the past. Has given races to inform about eating habits, smoking etc. while he has also been a special secretary of intercultural education. So, Mrs. Linou was proposed by Al. Tsipras for “ecumenical” Minister of Health. A scientist, a doctor who often informs us about the coronavirus. Just to remind that SYRIZA is the one who has been trying for a long time to degrade the role of scientists. He is the one who has attacked many times against members of the infectious disease committee, and especially against Sotiris Tsiodras. That sometimes he is honored and sometimes he is humiliated by some big guys MPs of the official opposition. But let us remind another aspect. SYRIZA recently attacked Professor Eleni Giamarellou who had said: “People who want to communicate should not be afraid that germs can never be transmitted from the divine community.” “I am ashamed of Giamarellou who, while she knows letters, says what says “, a SYRIZA MP decided. But what does the” chosen one “of Mr. Tsipras, Athena Linou, say about the same issue?” I do not want to discuss the issues of faith. For those of us who are Christians, Holy Communion is a mystery. You do not interpret a mystery with any logic. It is a matter of faith, I believe, the other who is an atheist has no reason to go to church. If you want my scientific opinion, no experiment has been made to see results. “What about Giamarellou, that is, only that Linou is… a candidate for Minister of Health, according to SYRIZA. Here we do not judge her views. If he is right about the divine communion and if he is stuck with the coronavirus. If you ask me personally, these are completely wrong views. A believer would say the opposite. On the other hand, we see that priests who believed that they do not stick because God protects him, now run to hospitals. Here we judge the political choice of SYRIZA and personally of Mr. Tsipras. They curse Giamarellou for her point of view (right or wrong does not matter) but suggest Linou for the post of minister. Conclusion? SYRIZA is in a political vertigo, not now but since it ruled. to oppose simply for the image. To have something to say, to show that he is here and is claiming power again. With silly proposals, however, all he does is to make fun of himself. Yes, to make Linou, Tsiodras, Giamarellou the Minister of Health of common acceptance or any other serious scientist we have in the country. But not because Tsipras wants it. And rest assured. If SYRIZA was in power now with the pandemic, the one who would be the Minister of Health and manage the crisis would not be a serious scientist. But a stupid politician, a party executive with a low IQ and mainly with the feeling that he knows everything but completely irrelevant. We lived through many of them since 2015, when there were very serious executives on the left bench, but the trolls and members of the “Maximos team” were chosen. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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