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The escape of the deputy leader of Golden Dawn is a very serious matter. Much more that had almost been “announced”. And the responsibilities of the Minister of Civil Protection are clear, regardless of whether, when and how the restrictive conditions for defendants changed. The argument “you did worse, so you have no right to speak” is tired and does not convince anyone. The official opposition party could therefore focus its criticism of Michalis Chrysochoidis on this issue. Beat him daily until Christos Pappas is arrested and taken to prison. And obviously SYRIZA will be happy then, just as the vast majority of the Greek people will be happy. But this party is so imbued with populism that it cannot separate serious criticism from demagogy. And so he accompanied the attack on Chrysochoidis for Pappas with various nonsense for the 12 miles. Because, in addition, they were the first to be uttered by Giannis Ragousis, they caused even greater grief. Obviously, the extension of the coastal zone to 12 miles is an inalienable right of Greece based on international law. But such a move at this time, even in theoretically “painless” areas such as southern Crete, would be both dangerous and unnecessary. Dangerous, because it can hasten the hot episode that Erdogan is supposed to be pursuing – but Greece will now be responsible. Unnecessary, because it serves nothing more than to flatter the rabid people who occasionally come out among us agents and traitors. The government knows this, and its serious executives have made it clear. SYRIZA knows this, which is why it did not do it when it was in government. Even KINAL knows this, they have heard something from Charilaou Trikoupi about foreign policy, even if they try every now and then to become more royal than the bass king and to snatch any votes from the pool of the permanently betrayed. There has always been a lack of seriousness and an excess of hypocrisy. So it is not surprising that we came to ask for Alexis Tsipras 12 miles in Crete in response to the violation of the limit of 12 miles in the Greek islands! And the next day to be trolled by the party’s spokesman, talking about a “dynamic diplomatic proposal” and “SYRIZA’s multilevel foreign policy”. At what level is the party today? Where is that unprosecuted counselor who once spoke of “uneducated nations” hiding? Do the various “progressive bridge builders” have nothing to say? Or have they also invested their hopes in Lavrov and the blonde race? in the

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