“Let’s Play”: Watch an exclusive video from the thriller of the year

Is “Let’s Play” the scariest thriller of the year? A few words about the movie The Rising Aziz Robertson (“Marriage Story”) is Oliver, a lonely boy who feels different from the others. Desperately looking for a friend, he finds refuge on his cell phone and tablet, which he never leaves. When a mysterious creature uses Oliver’s devices to enter our world, Oliver’s parents (Gillian Jacobs and John Gallagher Jr.) will have to fight to save their son from the monster behind the screen. ProjectO director Jacob Chase (” The Four-Faced Liar ”) was fascinated by fantasy and horror quite early on. He loved Halloween and as a teenager made some amateur short films with his friends. Some of them got a distinction and so Jacob’s film was screened in the Super Bowl. He then took directing lessons from Jacques Snyder on the set of the “Justice League” movie. The money Jacob earned was earmarked for a short film he was going to make called “Larry.” I wanted to create a monster, Larry, who feels lonely and is looking for a friend to hang out with. The film explores the relationship between technology and loneliness. “Technology can be great, of course, but let’s not forget that it can lead to loneliness,” said Chase. “Technology plays a big role in this film because it’s all around us,” says Chase. “The big challenge was to get everything that makes sense and works in horror movies and upgrade them. So I came to the conclusion that the tablet and the cell phone are the new versions of the haunted house. ” Rona (” Can you bear to see? ”, ” The Gunman ”) of The Picture Company, who are fanatics of the genre films. “Looking at Jacob’s film, we realized that he had a real vision and that a feature film had to be made soon,” says Heinemann. “We were all thrilled with the way he mixed the terror with technology. He used it as a component of his story in a very clever way. ”The story took on a different and larger format to become a feature film. The protagonist of the film is Oliver, a lonely child who communicates with Larry through his devices. Jacob also made two dynamic characters, Marty (John Gallagher Jr., “What if it fits you?”) And Sarah (Gillian Jacobs, “Nice to meet you”), Oliver’s parents. The first steps for the project had just begun. See the exclusive excerptDirection & Screenplay: Jacob Chase Starring: Azi Robertson, Gillian Jacobs, John Gallagher Jr.The movie trailer The latest from Greece and the World, at

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