Let’s keep the lockdown but with a plan

I understand the government’s anxiety to convince me that the lockdown will be short-lived. Everything shows that things are more difficult. The “second wave” of the pandemic is particularly hard across Europe. And other countries have found it dark and with better health infrastructure than our own. It is obvious that we are not dealing with anything. treated with a short lockdown. It is possible that we will have to endure this difficult situation for a while. Therefore, the only thing we do not need are injections of artificial optimism. Not even promises like “we will open Christmas”. Why I wish we could open it, but it is also quite possible that we will not open it. What we need is a plan. A real plan and not on paper. real. Where we can see his every step. Because I also hope that the vaccine will come. And I was impressed that there is a plan to reach those who need it in a timely and effective manner. But at the same time that we have a plan for the vaccine, I would like to see a plan for how the available ICUs will increase day by day and We will not live with the anxiety that the limits of the health system will be exhausted. And I am glad that medical staff go to areas in need and it was properly covered by the media, but I want to know that from now on the health system will be steadily strengthened. the same way I want to see a real plan on how to deal with the effects of the restrictive measures that last longer. We need a plan for schools because we can not have a lost year and this can not be covered simply by distance learning, let alone We laugh, even if the technological infrastructure worked perfectly. We need a plan for the next day of the economy, so that jobs are not lost in order to make the most of We need a plan to draw on the lessons of the pandemic, the importance of coordination and mobilization for a difficult collective effort for real and sustainable development. they have nothing to do with communication management, nor with ambitions, nor with polls. They have to do with the real assumption of responsibility for governance. The government will be judged there, the political system will be tested there as a whole. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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