Let no dream fall asleep again

Two documentaries and a concert. These are the “facts” on the basis of which a Turkish prosecutor requested the sentencing of Osman Kavalas three times to life. Kavala, 62, a figure in democratic Turkey, is in prison for 1,074 days. A descendant of a historical family of tobacco traders in Kavala, he was arrested in 2017 on non-existent charges and despite his acquittal, new charges were brought against him. The Erdogan government wants him behind bars. Any sacrifice. When he recently announced that he was stopping the song, many rushed to say goodbye early. But creativity always finds outlets. In Mikro Pallas, Haris Alexiou transforms into a woman without a name who monologues in the quiet of her small space, on the occasion of the theatrical narrative “Metamphysis” by Vangelis Hatzigiannidis. In a game between fantasy and reality. Charoula actress, with the same passion of Charoula who sang our lives. It is not flattering for a politician that what remains of his appearance is the fly that sat in his hair. That is what happened to US Vice President Mike Pence. In the famous satirical television program “Saturday Night Live”, Jim Carrey undertook to play the fly – who is supposed to be Joe Biden, who during his teleportation to the debate of the vice-presidential candidates allegedly transformed and sat on Pence’s white hair. In the heat of the moment, Americans had a chance to smile. Germany’s decision by Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht to introduce a bill that uses the terms in their female version to cover both sexes caused a great deal of controversy in Germany. “I think it is good that we are now discussing the language in terms of gender equality in official documents,” the Social Democrat minister commented. But the interior ministry called for a change “because so far we have become accustomed to the male describing both sexes”. The debate, however, began. The Polish Rafal Gavel fled to Norway in January 2019 due to his unjust persecution by the Polish authorities for political reasons. A few days ago, Norway granted him and his family asylum. Thus, Gavel became the first Pole to receive political asylum in 30 years. And we have reached the years when a non-EU country considers that an EU citizen is in danger because of his political views from his authoritarian government. There was another Universe, before ours, before the Big Bang and the evidence is in the black holes. Sir Roger Penrose, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics this year, insists that the presence of unexplained spots of electromagnetic radiation in space – known as Hawking points – are remnants of that of the previous Universe. Many scientists are skeptical. All we can see, as our understanding of what surrounds us improves, is how little we really understand.

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