Leipzig tops, Dortmund “escaped” from Hoffenheim

Leipzig beat Augsburg 2-0 away for the 4th game of the Bundesliga and reached the top with 10 points, while Dortmund went through Hoffenheim (0-1) and follows with 9 points. Augsburg-Leipzig 0-2 At the top of the standings passed Leipzig, which prevailed away from home Augsburg (0-2). The “bulls” did not perform well, but managed to get a significant victory that took them to the first place in the standings. Angelino opened the scoring in the 45th minute , while Poulsen made the final 0-2 in the 66th minute. AUGSBURG: Gikevic, Framberger, Guveleu, Uduokai, Pedersen, Kentira (75 ′ Richter), Stromble (45 ′ Gruetso), Han (45 ′ Vargas), Knei, LjκουrgΨlje Μπ Orban), Upamekano, Halsenberg, Muquiele, Adams, Henriks, Angelinho (90 ι Klaifert), Enkuku (90 λο Sorlot), Forsberg (66 ′ Poulsen), Olmo (79 Ν Hunden) Hoffenheim (0-1) thanks to Marco Reus’ first goal in the league and moved up to second place with 9 points. In a first half without many opportunities, Hoffenheim threatened first in the 19th minute with Gacinovic shooting, but Hitz repulsed. Westphalia came close to scoring with Reina unable to beat Bowman in the 19th minute, while Menier scored the crossbar in the 37th minute. Lucien Favre’s side increased their pressure on Hoffenheim in the second half. and managed to take the lead. In the 75th minute, after a mistake In the home side’s defense, Haaland stole the ball and gave Roy ready, who made it 0-1 in an empty net, scoring his first goal in this year’s league. Sebastian Hennes’s team lost a tremendous chance to equalize but Baumgarten failed to score in the 82nd minute, with 0-1 remaining until the end. , Scoff (79 ′ Sessions), Gacinovic (60 ′ Brun Larsen), Geiger, Belfodil (60 ′ Baugartner), Bebu (79 τα Dambour) DORTMUND: Heat, Pischek, 21 Guerrero), Dahud (75 λι Bellingham), Witsel, Paslak, Brad (64 ′ Haaland), Reina, Sancho (64 ′ Royce) The results of the 4th match: Augsburg-Leipzig 0-2Mainz-Bayer Bager 0 1-1Herta Berlin-Stuttgart 0-2 Hoffenheim-Dortmund 0-1Arminia Bielefeld-Bayern Munich 19:30 Gladbach-Wolfsburg 21:30

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