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The trial was scheduled to take place last Friday. The lawsuit concerned the illegal recording of the telephone conversation that Polakis had with the governor of the Bank of Greece, Giannis Stournara, “very heavy and not”. The trial never took place, because – you guessed it – Polakis did not appear. The unarmed man did not appear in court and the trial was postponed because a young associate of his lawyer presented a certificate of illness of the lawyer, which certified his illness. The trial was scheduled to take place in Athens, of course – I point this out, because the young associate came up with a certificate that Polakis’s lawyer is seriously ill, signed by a doctor from Volos !! May 11), which was also surprised by the opinion from Volos… (Again, it is good that no doctor from ρού Alexandroupoli or Kastoria commented on the illness of the Athens lawyer). I would, however, recommend to the “many heavy and not” to find no lawyer who is throbbing with health, because wherever he is, he will receive a new lawsuit from Stournara for insult and defamation, for these good things he was sent last week – the “poor and miserable banker”… Responsibilities To say things with their name, and not to create the feeling that in Greece in 2020 the African species of bird that does not fly but in the face of danger plunges its head into the sand and is called an ostrich, the Police had to take care in time, and much earlier than the final procedure in the Court of Appeals, for the fate of the leading nucleus of the Golden Dawn. And since it was obvious that these fascists would be led behind the bars of the prison that is for the Levantines, the (Police) should have had them up close, to put it as simply and understandably as possible. He did not have them or he did not have them all. And this is how Deputy Chief Pappas escaped arrest. From there on, the last one who can wave his finger and demand responsibilities from Chrysochoidis is SYRIZA. Because here too he has put his hand. It is the law of Paraskevopoulos, of 2015 (perhaps the most destructive legislation in the field of security and crime), that “took care” of all this, and now Pappas picks wild grass of the mountain, on the other side of the border with Albania ( say the information or the “information”…). MutationPeri Chrysochoidis Michalis the speech, and then. The three-day debate takes place in Parliament, and during his speech, which is also an opportunity for a harsh attack on SYRIZA as it is behind everything and the personification of the catastrophe, characterizes “nationalist” the “request” of SYRIZA and Tsipras personally for expansion of territorial waters, so in the flu, at 12 miles. That is what we all say. Because, as we have explained other times, if SYRIZA wanted to extend the territorial waters to 12 miles and “fight” with the Turks who consider the expansion casus belli, a cause of war, that is, he would do it in the four and a half years of its rule. country. He did not do it. If it is not dangerous populism and gray nationalism to do it now, then the terms have lost their meaning. The irony is that Giannakis Ragousis undertook to answer Chrysochoidis, who taught lessons on how one can “change” in politics in a way that even his most fanatical follower does not (know) him: “Or he will ask Mr. Chrysochoidis apologizes for this misery he uttered, or Mr. Mitsotakis will dismiss him. Otherwise, he and the government as a whole will assume this heavy historical responsibility, without a previous historical reversal of national law. Because if we come to this country to call nationalism the exercise of our inalienable rights, then I will not say that this is racism and servitude but that this country has no tomorrow. “Notably, this is Ragoussi himself, who for a few months before he saw the light of day and joined SYRIZA, he “adorned” Tsipras with “diamonds” of the kind of “political swindler”, “He is ill selfish”, “The most dishonest prime minister of the Metapolitism”, “Unlike you, Mr. Tsipras, Andreas did not become prime minister by opposing a bankrupt country “έχω I have a big heart, Tsipras, to point out. What; No? Mutation IIKA I will complete for today this wonderful flashback to the past Ragoussi, from which past, as others wiser than me have stated, “leave impossible”, with a statement (Self-knowledge; Predictability; I say what comes down to me and everything, what does it rain let it go down? Unknown…) of the titan of politics about him: How is it possible that the leading group of SYRIZA bought with 7,000 euros degraded politicians who moved from one party to another to keep the parliamentary seat. Why didn’t Mr. Tsipras, instead of taking the ones he took from us, which he actually bought them, take them, not bring children from the Left and Ecology? “He does not refer to himself, no. It refers to previous Pasoks who went to SYRIZA. But then it was PASOK. Then he also took the road to Tsipras, whom he was humiliating (see above…) Tsipras has a big heart (billion)… BackToday’s visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to Athens, the first in about three years, is like this otherwise important – not to mention multi-significant. Because in the intervening period our relations with Russia were reminiscent of the temperatures that prevail in winter in Siberia – it could not be colder. And this was mainly due to the deportations of Russian diplomats in 2018 because they organized – under the then government – anti-government demonstrations in Macedonia, in order to torpedo the agreement with Skopje. That’s crazy things. The expulsion of Russian diplomats in turn brought Russian retaliation with the expulsions of our diplomats, relations broke down, and Putin took Erdogan to his court to play chili and groups together. Now, you want it because Nagorno-Karabakh mediated, you want it because in Syria they have a problem with the Turks, you want it because the Turks went to activate the S-400 and almost killed each other, President Putin said to take us out of the freezer, hence sends us Mr. Lavrov, a serious person, lest our relations be warmed up. I hope I will say, because as much as you can say, old Paisios must also be justified, who had stressed that the “blonde race” will save us… PRINT NEWSFollow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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