Laszlo Boloni, the first blood

Panathinaikos is going through a difficult period… The two victories with Lamia and Apollon were not enough to reverse the negative climate and the defeat by Atromitos burdened it. Laszlo Boloni is a capable coach and his CV proves it, but he is not a magician… As he explained, both in his subscription statements and in his conversations with the people of Trifyllio. first case of disorder: the outburst of Federico Makenda after his replacement in the game between Panathinaikos and Atromitos. The Italian striker threw a bottle in front of the bench, showing his intense irritation. Boloni did not react at that moment, but discussed it with Makenda in the second year. explained that the Romanian coach was not satisfied with the so-called Italian striker, but he will not take the case to the extreme and behaves with compromise. For now, because for Boloni, discipline and respect in the locker room are two non-negotiable elements for a team to work. What will be Boloni’s next move on the issue, will be seen in the near future. Makenda may be punished tacitly, with a decision of the Romanian coach which will not “leak”. As for the nature of the penalty, only the coach and the footballer will know it. However, Makenda’s offense was the first blood of Boloni at Panathinaikos. The Romanian is famous in his career that he is indomitable. After all, in his last job before settling in Athens, Boloni clashed with the big star of Ghent, when he considered that a player was undermining him. A conflict that ultimately cost Boloni his place. But Boloni did not back down from his principles. Boloni judged that Makenda did not go beyond the limits. He “touched” them, hence the coach’s dissatisfaction. But surely the next one who dares to challenge Boloni’s power will be treated differently. In “Kalafatis” one has the general command and this is the Romanian. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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