Larissa: Investment projects of 1.7 million euros from Leader

Five new investment projects, with a total budget of 1,701,442 euros, are starting to be implemented in the Regional Unit of Larissa with funding from the Leader program of the NSRF Thessaly 2014-2020. The Leader program in the prefecture of Larissa is managed by the Development Company AENOL SA, and includes A total of 64 new investment projects lead to private investment with a total budget of 14.8 million euros, to support local development in rural areas and create jobs. “We are signing the contracts for five new investment projects for processing companies in the Regional Unit of Larissa. In collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development, the president and the executives of AENOL and the Special Management Service of the NSRF of Thessaly, 2014-2020, we designed and achieved the inclusion of 64 new private investments in the PE. Larissa, with funding of 7.96 million euros “states the Governor of Thessaly Costas Agorastos.” We are strengthening the processing of a critical sector for the production in Thessaly and in the country. To thank the people who are operating in a difficult period, giving the message that there are still breaths of oxygen production and effort to improve. We all need to work to have hope for the future. Today we need more work than in previous years as the risks and challenges are more but also our responsibility towards society as a whole. Everyone has to give their best to get back to a better situation as soon as possible. All these projects create jobs and create leverage in the local real economy. of AENOL Eleftherios Fourkiotis in his statements emphasizes the following: “A great effort was made to reach this point. The conditions were difficult and we proved that we are next to the investors to face any problem. We are interested in the rapid implementation of the investment plans and, as the Governor of Thessaly said, to create jobs and leverage in the local real economy. We thank the Governor of Thessaly Costas Agorastos for the cooperation and the great effort he made to include all the investment proposals in the Leader program of the NSRF of Thessaly 2014-2020 “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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