LARCO: Struggle by the employees not to sell the company

A memorandum to the government and the political parties of the parliament, the five workers’ unions in LARCO submit, denouncing, as they report, “the conscious Government mockery”. They state: “We will continue with new, more dynamic mobilizations, until there is justification. To prevent Government plans. To ensure the continuity of LARCO. To secure jobs and labor rights. ” The memorandum in detail: “Leaders of the political parties of the Greek Parliament, on 12.2.2020 Law 4664/2020 was passed where with article 21 LARCO was placed in a special management regime with the aim of liquidation in operation, in order to maximize the price, which will result through a haircut plan, with the announcement of partial tenders to find investors ” and as amended by Article 23 of Law 4736 / 21.10.2020. A bill, which was voted against by all considering, at least, that its implementation will lead to the devaluation and closure of the Company before the special liquidation process is completed. The value of LARCO, as a historical and one of the few remaining heavy and export mining industries of the country, the importance not only for its 1200 employees but also for its 13,000 external partners, its importance Page 2 of 3 for local communities ( 6) prefectures of the country in which it operates, the reasons and the long-term responsibilities -especially of the current government- that led it to the current difficult situation, the positions and proposals of the workers and the local communities for the exploitation of the mineral wealth as well as the untapped huge development its possibilities for the benefit of the Public interest, we have submitted to you with a documented and detailed memorandum to the Greek Parliament (No. Prot. Voulis 2017 / 13.6.2020). In a tragic positionBut regardless of the above and without dismissing them, we focus on today that this policy prescribes the complete impasse for the fate of LARCO and the employees. LARCO today has led to a desperately tragic situation putting in immediate danger its continued operation, especially at a time when the expected effects due to the second lockdown will be tragic for the National Economy and rising unemployment. in the last 9 months of special management the production has decreased below 20% of its production capacity, although the price of nickel is at levels approaching $ 16,000 / tn, the company is facing an immediate cash flow problem with what this entails for the fulfillment During this period, the only thing that can be seen is the intention of the Government to use covid-19 to walk in the decommissioning of LARCO. National Economy While the cost for preventive tests is insignificant, instead of taking measures, they included the company in KAD on the suspension of employment contracts that cost much more in the state and in fact in m at a time when Ni prices are high and LARCO production can strengthen the National Economy. The result is that workers are in a state of complete insecurity and uncertainty. Despite the fact that the Government has put LARCO in “uncharted waters” Since February 2020, the workers, even under these difficult conditions, have kept it open until today. Sale According to government announcements, criminal sale tenders will start in the second twenty days of November. As workers, we have been fighting from day one and will continue to fight to ensure the uniform operation of LARCO, our jobs and our rights. The Government, in order to protect the public interest and the workers, has an obligation to ensure its continuation. its single operation and its further development. He has the obligation to inform the employees, what plans he has for themselves, how he secures their jobs and their rights, through the policy he has chosen to implement for LARCO. On this basis we denounce the government tactics, where he still plays with the agony of the workers. Maintaining a climate of uncertainty and insecurity on Page 3 of 3 employees does not officially clarify what “dawns” them the next day, how to ensure the uniform operation of LARCO, their jobs and employment rights. Anxiety LARCO employees have every the right to know specifically about their own future and that of their families. No one has the right to play with their anxiety and in the end to announce and legislate with fast track procedures for them without them. The Government, no matter how much it can not oppose our substantiated argument, is obliged to take an official position. Workers, today we are submitting this memorandum to the Government and the political parties, as a sign of anxiety and protest against the conscious Government mockery. “We demand from the Government:” To ensure the continuation of the productive process. LARCO. Within the next few days to inform us in writing and by video conference with the participation of the competent Ministries (Finance-PEN-Labor), for the planning related to securing our jobs and employment rights. Finally, the employees of LARCO , having as a legacy the struggles of 1977, the struggles of the last decades and the struggles of the last 9 months, will continue until justified. To prevent Government plans. To ensure the continuity of LARCO. To secure jobs and labor rights. Blood tax The heavy blood tax we have paid for the day with 80 dead workers and hundreds of cripples, equips us with huge mental reserves to continue with new, more dynamic mobilizations worthy of the historical struggles. From the moment we are attacked in our lives no ban is going to stop us from fighting to the end. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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