Lana Del Rey: Celebrated Biden election in her own way

In his first speech as US President-elect, Joe Biden said it was “time for the country to heal” and “not to divide but to unite.” “On Eagles’ Wings” saying: “It reflects the faith that supports me and that I believe supports America.” As APE notes, in his speech, Biden stressed that he hopes the anthem that is important for his family and His late son Bo, who died in 2015 of brain cancer, will comfort many of Americans mourning their loved ones over the coronavirus pandemic. standards and classics “to share with the public an adaptation of the anthem and to celebrate the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential election.” As promised, we have a lead on this album “typical folk songs and all the americana elements,” the American singer wrote in an Instagram post. “On the Eagles’ Wings” was composed by Jean-Michael Jankas, a Catholic priest who teaches contemporary Catholic music at Saint Tomas University in Minnesota. In an interview with America Magazine, he added: 2017’s Jean-Michael Jankas said he wrote the anthem after discovering that a friend’s father had died of a heart attack. “I knew this was a hard, hard experience in anyone’s life, [και εγώ] “I just wanted to create something that would be all-encompassing and comforting,” he explained.

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