Kylie Minogue: Her record return saved …. in 2020

“I’m going to Kylie nights” since then and I’m the worst Kylie of all Kylie. “It’s hilarious,” she said. “As she pointed out, she was at the beginning of her career walking down a Sydney street and was told she was having a themed night at a nearby gay bar. Full of curiosity, she decided to go, to see what was happening and so she “stuck”. The star and her then British lover have even promised that they will not get married before her homeland recognizes same-sex marriages. Cancer and While in Melbourne as part of Showgirl’s world tour, shortly before she took the stage, she learned that she was suffering from breast cancer. “Cancer has changed many things forever, while others have never changed,” says singer Kylie Minogue. Although “I had a feeling that while I was fighting cancer time had stopped, in the process it made me more passionate about the people and things I love in life.” The Australian pop star added: “Cancer changed my worldview While forcing you to reevaluate the people around you. “In the most difficult and gloomy moments, some people shone with their presence next to me,” said Kylie Minogue, who was 36 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a partial mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and within a year managed to emerge victorious. But the queen had to return to her throne. The big disco return “Wait for me to say something?”, The singer wrote in a post on social media. “My new album ‘Disco’ will be released on November 6 and will be available for pre-order from Thursday morning (local time)”, he added. Along with the post, he posted a short video with the cover of “Disco”, in which appears a brilliant Kylie with references to the 1970s. The first song “Say Something” excited but was it able to bring “Spring” to fans? Can we believe again that disco music will save our souls in this pandemic? It is a 50-minute show that aired online and transported viewers to a parallel universe, that is, from the isolation they experience in a sympathetic environment with a dancing mood.

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