Kurosawa’s “Doomed” returns to the big screen

It would be melancholy or even ironic thoughts just the news that the remake of the shocking masterpiece, though not so well known to the general public, “The Doomed” (“Ikiru”), which was shot in 1953 by the great Akira Kurosawa, is being prepared, if not It became known that the leading role will be played by perhaps the best British actor today, Bill Nye, and that the screenplay was adapted by Nobel Laureate and award-winning writer Kazuo Ishiguro, author of “Remnants of a Day”. strongly influenced the most important and not only directors of the world and especially of Hollywood, as we find the cinematic principles of the great teacher everywhere, while there are also famous remakes that have been made on his own films, such as the westerns “All 7 were Wonderful “and” For a Handful of Dollars “. For years the directors did not touch his work. The horror of being compared to the original… Top directors who adored him, such as Spielberg, Coppola or Scorsese, stayed away. There are no more beasts like Sergio Leone and John Startzes. At the same time, except in a few cases, all remakes of past hits are driven to contempt or even destruction. Thursday, October 15, 2020 The Nobel Laureate, Bill Nye and the “Unknown” And of course the participation in the screenplay of the British Nobel Laureate (of Japanese origin) Kazuo Ishiguro. Of course, it is not a few times that very important actors have made a complete failure in the cinema. Oliver Hermanus, who in addition to some hopes he had given to his limited work, but also some distinguished at a festival, it is doubtful if it can cope. Calling all #BillNighy fans !! This gent has signed on for a new project, taking the lead in the movie ‘Living’. Posted by Anglophenia on Thursday, October 15, 2020 But let’s go back to the encouraging points of the remake and the script that Ishiguro is preparing. has cancer, tries to reconcile with the idea of ​​death, while at the same time the idea of ​​doing something to justify his life, something useful for the despised of a poor neighborhood will awaken in him. According to information from the production, the Nobel Prize-winning author conveys the story in post-war London of 1952 and an official, who has become another cog in the bureaucracy in the context of the reconstruction of England. When he learns that he is suffering from a deadly disease, he begins an attempt to find meaning in his life before he dies. Initially, he tries to enter the world of “obscenity”, and then he will be indifferent. for his family and work responsibilities. He will soon meet a young colleague who will rekindle his interest in life and show him a way to deal with his death and how to use his many years of experience to advance a long-standing request. a slum, on a playground in a rubbish dump in east London. The original magic But there is also the original film and it is an opportunity to remember it, as it is one of the most important legacies in world cinema. rightly loves more than all his works, although he has made legendary films, such as “RAN”, “Rasomon”, “The Seven Samurai”, “Thro Kurosawa with a wonderful austerity, working every detail of every plan and role, speaks of universal values, focusing on the simple things that define life. Having a protagonist, one of his permanent collaborators, the admirable Takashi Simura, who in turn takes the baton to shock with his performance, Kurosawa at the same time comments with humor and bitterness both the drama of human life (why man must come close to the fatal, the inevitable, for brave decisions;) as well as his reflection on the subjectivity of truth. But he does not underestimate either the super-conservative society and power (to whatever degree it may be) of post-war Japan, nor its result, which has put on a pedestal the bureaucracy and the irresponsibility of a state that ignores the needs and desires of the people. The scenes for the anthology of world cinema are many, but certainly so the beginning is the humorous and at the same time inhuman attitude of the bureaucrats to the request of the women of a neighborhood to become a playground in the place of a havouza (the message is clear and distinct) and at the end after his funeral, the gathering of bureaucrats looking to find why changed this “little man” in the last six months of his life and then they start flattering each other, they go to the cinema in another dimension. Besides, Kurosawa proves in this film why he is one of the few people in the cinema who took the entertainment industry and sent it among the arts. Maybe something more, making films for the ordinary contemptible person άνθρω source: ΑΠΕ – ΜΠΕ Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World , in the

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