Koronaios: What will apply from Tuesday for delivery and take away

“Rolls” are coming down from Tuesday morning restaurants, cafes and bars, with the anxiety of the owners, but also of the employees hitting red. So the restaurant is going down with the delivery and take away services to work. This means that shops that These services will continue to serve consumers only for home delivery and pick-up from the store. through a pandemic, even luxury restaurants and restaurant chains that “resisted” in previous years were “entered” into this service. “Danger signal” from businessmen and the 150,000 unemployed. The blow to the industry in the 8 months of the pandemic was very heavy. Entrepreneurs after their reopening from the first lockdown were faced with a significant drop in turnover. Antonis Koniakos is the owner of a busy cafe bar in the center of Athens. For him, public health is paramount right now. Entrepreneur Konstantinos Xiros, for his part, believes that the support measures announced by the government are not enough. Concerns about padlocks and layoffs are growing and workers are worried about the next day. as they say, of a small portion of their colleagues who did not comply with the measures in the previous period. Reactions from GSEVEE, EVEA The president of GSEVEE emphasizes that “it is not even aspirin in cancer”, representatives of more than 250 companies in Thessaloniki ask for “substantial support”, while the president of KEEE and EVEA Konstantinos Michalos also pointed out against the government that causes financial loss to businesses by giving weight to restrictions The problem of the pandemic must be tackled with a multidimensional policy, aimed primarily at strengthening the national health system and less imposing measures that affect the market and workers and ultimately lead to to worse results than desired “said Mr. Michalos. The president of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece and the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry Konstantinos Michalos, estimates from his side that” the decision for lockdown in catering, entertainment and sports companies is certain that it will cause enormous economic damage, not only in the specific sectors, but in the whole of our national economy, as it will affect almost the entire Greek market “.Support of businesses and employees As the government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, stressed,” the government is simultaneously supporting employees and entrepreneurs Thus, the following nine measures to strengthen the world of work are implemented: 1st. Special purpose compensation and full coverage of insurance contributions for employees who enter a temporary suspension based on an extended list of KAD April). Suspension of VAT payment until April 30, 2021, for companies whose operation is suspended by order of a public authority. Suspension of payment of November installments, regulated tax and insurance debts, for companies whose operation is suspended by order of a public authority. Suspension of payment of November installments, regulated tax debts, for employees who are suspended from work.5th. Continuation of the suspension of payment of bank loan installments, based on the expanded list of KAD April, in consultation with the Hellenic Banking Association, until the end of the year. Expansion of all unemployment benefits that expired and expire in September, October, November and December, by two months. Mandatory teleworking for at least 50% of the staff, in the private and public sectors, with the exception of activities in which there is an objective impossibility of teleworking. But also extension of the mandatory application of flexibility in the arrival and departure times of the employees of the private sector. Reduction of rent by 40% in commercial real estate for companies based in the Regional Unit “Increased Risk” that are significantly affected, according to the expanded list of KAD April. The same applies to the main residence of the suspended employees and the student residence of their children. Enhanced Refundable Advance 4 in November, based on the turnover drop September – October and Refundable Advance 5 per month, December, based on the turnover turnover in November. 50% of each aid is non-refundable. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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