Koronaios: What is valid for 800 euros, rent reduction, repayable advance and unemployment benefit

On the show MEGA Weekend and Dino Siomopoulos and Stella Gandona spoke Messrs. Thrasos Miaris, tax expert, Matina Triantafylli, labor expert, Mara Methenitis, tax expert and Dimitris Lyritsis, lawyer, answering questions about the 800 euro allowance, the rent reduction, and explaining what applies to the repayable advance and the extension of the allowance An allowance of up to 800 euros for 1.2 million suspended workers For November, the state will give up to 800 euros to those who go on leave. This money concerns 1,200,000 suspended employees. Those who work will be paid by their employer. The maximum allowance is 800 euros, with each day being estimated at 26.6 euros. In order for employees to receive the money, applications must first be made to ERGANI by the employer, and the payment process follows. Employees in a closed company will receive the money from 27/11 to 03/12. Respectively, employees in affected companies who continue to operate but are themselves suspended will receive the money from 07/12 to 31/12. Also, seasonal workers will receive 534 euros for October, and artists 534 euros for in September and October. “It is important for employers, especially those affected, to make statements immediately, so that employees are paid as soon as possible. The employee only needs to have stated his / her details. It is important that in this quarantine some people benefit, there are employees who are in the interest of being suspended. They will not lose the insurance contributions in the amount of their salary. “Once the recruitment has been done until November 4, the employee will be able to go on suspension,” Ms. Triantafylli noted. “The Christmas gift is paid from December 21 onwards. Those who were suspended will receive part of the Christmas gift, the state will cover the part that concerns the period that the employee received 534 euros. The gift depends on how long someone will be suspended “, she added regarding the Christmas gift. Who is affected by the 40% reduction in rent? The reduction in rent concerns professionals – companies that rent professional housing, employees who are suspended for renting the first residence, and renting student housing away from the student’s place of residence, and while one of the two parents is suspended. The declaration of rent loss is made by the owner, and must be made by November 20. The tenant must have proof that he is affected. Indeed, the owners must make the applications to TAXISNET, nothing has changed in the process “, noted Ms. Metheniti.” In this case we have a 40% reduction in all affected companies . We are no longer challenged by the owner, and the owners will receive cash. “Those who have done the process will be able to receive the money for the reduction of the rent in December”, Mr. Miaris stressed. Last year, auctions were suspended for the whole of November. It is pending what will happen to the victims in relation to the installments of their loan “commented Mr. Lyritsis. Repayable advance instead of compensation to professionals and companies The repayable advance concerns thousands of freelancers, small and medium enterprises, and individual enterprises. If there is a closure by state order, the minimum amount they will receive is 2000 euros. The application must be made by mid-November in order to be paid by the beginning of December. Of these 1000 euros is non-refundable. Those affected will also have to apply by mid-November to receive a minimum deposit of € 1,000, which translates into a € 500 gift. The payment will also be made in early December, provided that they have a drop in turnover in September and October 2020 compared to 2019. “The logic of special purpose compensation has changed. This means that practically professionals are forced to enter into a loan scheme. “These professionals do not receive payment extensions”, Ms. Metheniti noted, while adding that “small businesses will only receive a repayable advance, they can not receive special purpose compensation”. How will they receive the extraordinary benefits 300,000 unemployed will be 300 thousand in total the unemployed who will receive an extraordinary unemployment benefit. When their unemployment expires from September to December, they will receive another two months extension of the allowance. The long-term unemployed, in order to receive an allowance, must complete 12 months of unemployment from March 2020 onwards. “The process will work automatically. For those who will extend the allowance will be done automatically. As for the long-term unemployed, here too the process will work automatically, but there is an injustice. The longest-term unemployed are not covered and do not receive any form of allowance “explained Mr. Lyritsis. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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