Koronaios: The labor market in a mini lockdown – What applies to teleworking

The new measures come into force from today, Tuesday, such as the mandatory teleworking for 50% of the staff, while the schedule must be adjusted so that the employees arrive and leave every half an hour within two hours. From 6 in the morning on Tuesday and for The whole territory is activated horizontally six basic measures, including the universal use of a mask and the curfew from midnight to 5 in the morning. Read also: Mini lockdown from today in the 74 regional units Thus, it applies: 1. Mandatory use of mask, everywhere, indoors and outdoors2. Restriction of traffic from midnight to 5 am, excluding those who travel for work and health reasons.3. Telework at least 50% in public and private sector, in order to protect health but to continue the operation of businesses.4. Distance education in all higher education institutions, with the exception of clinics and laboratories of senior students.5. Visits to all welfare structures are also suspended across the country.6. Retailers, wholesalers, industry, schools, open-air archeological sites, hotels and hairdressers remain open all over the country (except Thessaloniki – Serres). Coronavirus brings compulsory teleworking. Teleworking is mandatory for 50% of employees. can work remotely. Within 24 hours from the publication of the relevant Government Gazette, companies from all over the country are invited to announce in advance to the PS. “ERGANI” of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs the distance work of 50% of their employees, for whom this measure can be applied, before the start of their work, by filling in Form 4.1 “Remote Work Statement – SPECIAL PURPOSE FORM This means that all companies from Evros to Crete, are required to complete and submit by night Form 4.1 “Distance declaration – Special purpose form”. This special form with which the employers will proceed with the declaration of the compulsory teleworking, is already available in the information system “Ergani”. Those who do not implement the measure risk a fine of 3,000 euros. Employers can in November turn employees into compulsory telework, e.g. per week, every 15 days and so on. In this case, employers are given the opportunity to modify Form 4.1 “Distance declaration – Special purpose form”, depending on the needs of the company. Also, a fine of five thousand euros (5,000 euros) will be imposed for each employee who belongs to a vulnerable group and submitted a request to his employer for distance work but in his case the extraordinary measures were not applied in terms of the organization of his workplace. whose work can be provided remotely. It goes without saying that employees whose contracts are suspended are not taken into account, as well as employees who are on any kind of legal leave (such as maternity, sickness, etc.). The provision also applies in cases of employees whose working time is divided into office work and outside work, and only to the extent that office work can be provided remotely. In case in which the calculation of the percentage 50% results in a decimal number of 0.50 and above, it is rounded upwards. The total number of employees of the company, who can be employed remotely, is indicated in the remarks. his work remotely. In the same context, employers are given the opportunity to amend Form 4.1 “Distance declaration – Special purpose form”, depending on the needs of the company. all or part of their staff, there is an obligation to announce 50% of their staff in advance for November and not the submission of Form 4.1 “Remote declaration – Special purpose form” reports. Follow it on Google News and find out all first the News See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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