Koronaios: Seizures of salaries and allowances from accounts that are … unseized

Complaints about seizures, which cause intense concern for the emergency allowance to those affected by the pandemic, are made by the Consumer Workers’ Union of Greece. He adds that “there are many complaints received so far from debtors who have been faced with arbitrary freezing of their bank accounts.” as unsecured or amounts derived from pensions, salaries and insurance benefits, which are legally unsecured. which was paid periodically and which was deposited in a bank account he had declared as unseized. It is reminded that, according to no. 31 of the Public Revenue Collection Code (KEDE) regarding the unsecured in the hands of third parties: 1. Excluded from the seizure in the hands of third parties: – Claims on salaries, pensions and all types of insurance benefits paid periodically, if their amount is less than one thousand (1,000) euros per month, and in cases where this amount exceeds the seizure is allowed for debts to the State on 1/2 of the excess amount of one thousand (1,000) euros and up to the amount of one thousand five hundred (1,500) euros, as well as on the total amount of the excess of one thousand five hundred (1,500) euros – 4/5 of wages, allowed the seizure of 1/5 of them for the debts to the State of these beneficiaries and— 1/2 of the lump sums paid, by any insurance company, allowances on the exit from the Service or the profession, allowed of the seizure on 1/2 of them for the debts to the State of these beneficiaries. Deposits in credit institutions in individual or joint account are unsecured up to the amount of one thousand fifty (1,250) euros per month for each individual and to a single credit institution. The application of the previous paragraph requires notification by the natural person of a unique account, by submitting an electronic declaration to the information system of the Tax Administration. As long as there is a periodic credit account for salaries, pensions and insurance benefits, only this account is disclosed. EEKE states that it approaches such issues, with particular sensitivity, given the difficult economic situation that the country is going through. Its purpose is to ensure that consumers do not feel unprotected against banks, which often take advantage of their bargaining power and the institutional role they have ended up playing. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the latest news News from Greece and the world, at

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