Koronaios: Plan for opening a restaurant – retail from December 1

The opening of the market is planned from December 1, initially with retail and catering, stressed the Deputy Minister of Development, Nikos Papathanasis. Nobody said that we will open the market without strict measures or before December 1, we listen to the scientific knowledge, we were told 3 weeks, 3 weeks we apply, noted the Deputy Minister. Mr. Papathanasis explained that the plan will be based on experience The restart took place with the opening of the small shops, one week after the retail trade, in two weeks the catering started and in three weeks, the interiors opened. He stressed, speaking to SKAI, that at this stage it can to restart the restart with strict measures and assured that people will not be poured into the streets. we have open stores and an obligation to send SMS for the movement of citizens, he said that this will be answered in the last week. He stressed that stricter measures could be taken regarding the density of people who can be found in shops, restaurants or shopping malls. For the program of subsidizing the purchase of outdoor heaters, he said that it is expected to be approved by the committee by the end. The ominous future of catering Speaking to “MEGA Weekend”, the President of the General Confederation of Professional Craftsmen of Greece (GSEVEE), George Kavvathas, stressed that after the lockdown, 1 in 3 companies in the restaurant may not reopen. “Lockdown and those who do not take substantial support measures for the catering, which is the sector that is most affected, 1 in 3 companies may not be able to open after the lockdown”, he stated characteristically. As Mr. Kavvathas explained, “as long as it is extended lockdown, businesses will have huge problems. It is completely foreign to our habits for a company not to operate but to be consistent in its obligations. But from what income? ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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