Koronaios: Pharmaceutical company disputes WHO study on remedisivir

The World Health Organization (WHO) clinical study concluded that remedisivir from the American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc. does not significantly help patients with Covid-19 is reliable, said today a scientist who evaluated the study, as the American company criticized the methodology followed by the WHO. “It is a reliable result, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, because “Try it,” Richard Pito, an independent statistician hired by the WHO to evaluate his large clinical study called Solidarity, told reporters, adding that any benefits of remedisivir could be accidental. challenged the findings, which concluded that remedisivir did not help inpatients, saying “WHO data appear to be contradictory”. Gilead was given data from a clinical trial conducted ten days ago by the UN responsible for health so that the company has a chance to react. Gilead Sciences Inc He told Reuters that the data seemed contradictory, that the findings were premature and that other studies had confirmed the benefits of the drug. The WHO announced yesterday, Thursday, that the Solidarity clinical trial found that remedisivir did not This antiviral was one of the drugs used to treat US President Donald Trump, who was infected with the coronavirus, and has been shown in previous studies to be effective. reduces the recovery time, although the European Union is investigating whether it causes kidney injury. The WHO clinical trial was performed on 11,266 adult patients in more than 30 countries. Gilead noted that other studies of remedisivir, including a compared to placebo, showed that treatment with remedesivir reduced blood pressure. However, Richard Pito, an honorary professor at Oxford University, said the benefit, seen in smaller studies, may be due to simple “luck”. The WHO avoided making recommendations on how countries should use remedisivir, saying that any instructions will be announced two or three weeks after the review of the Solidarity clinical trial data. The European Union has just concluded a € 1 billion deal to buy remedisivir. Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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