Koronaios – Olive oil: The submission of applications for financial support by November 27

The deadline for submitting applications for support of the olive oil sector due to the Covid-19 Pandemic is set from 17/11/2020 to 27/11/2020. Approved by the EU. the emergency amendment of the Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014-2020, which concerns the activation of the new Measure 21 “Emergency, temporary support to farmers in sectors particularly affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic” to support the olive oil sector The approval of the amendment, which exhausted the regulatory financial possibilities of the RDP to relieve producers from the effects of the pandemic, was the result of excellent and intensive cooperation with the relevant EU services. The Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. M. Voridis, stated in this regard: the financial possibilities offered by both national and co-financed resources. In this direction, we utilized the Rural Development Program and the significant resources available to us, in this extremely critical period of time to support olive oil, a strategic national product for our country, with a strong impact on the socio-economic cohesion of our rural areas, in Following the approval, the Secretary General of Agricultural Policy and Management of Community Resources Mr. K. Baginetas signed the relevant Invitation to the Measure. based on the Register of Farmers & Agricultural Holdings (MAAE) until the end of the submission of the tax return for the year 2020 (income for the year 2019), who have in their legal possession an eligible determined area of ​​agricultural plots with olive crops (Kalamatiani, Tsigoli, Aetonychi), two-way, as it arises from the Single Aid Application (SAD) for the fiscal year 2019 at the end of the financial year 2020. The period for submission of applications by interested parties is set from 17/11/2020 to 27/11/2020 on the special electronic platform that has been developed for this purpose and in particular on the website https://p2.dikaiomata.gr/M21. Until the start of the submission of applications for support – payment, the interested producers can register for the acquisition of their personal codes in the system through the website https : //registration.dikaiomata.gr/user_registration/ .Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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