Koronaios: November is crucial – Struggle to “save” Christmas and New Year

Lockdown in focus has brought coronavirus for a month. In the last week the coronavirus has been sweeping almost the whole country with numbers worrying scientists. The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has stressed that his goal is to avoid a general lockdown and he repeated it when announcing the new measures to deal with the coronavirus on Saturday. The suggestion of the experts was to take measures now, while there is still the possibility of locating and tracking the cases, as from a number and above, this will be impossible, with the consequence that the transmission can not be controlled. It was observed that in the areas where They quickly and purposefully took measures, while “blushing” cities that had no problem and where there was inactivity and relaxation. The coronavirus brought a padlock in the focus. , is the hope that if Europe enters a partial quarantine in November, at Christmas the market will be able to be kept alive. There is of course winter tourism. The choice of lockdown in the restaurant in November is made with the expectation that a turnover of at least 2.5 billion euros during the holidays. Saving the Christmas turnover is now one of the central goals of the government, as the demand at the economic level is to keep the recession as close as possible to the target set for this year, ie at -8% to -9%. New economic measures “breath” The main goal of the government is to stop the pandemic with the new strict measures of November to make the market work properly during the holidays and to take “breath” businesses, employees and households. With the new package of measures, the The Ministry of Finance seeks to heal the wounds from the second wave of the epidemiological crisis but also to prevent recurrences, keeping its eyes on the Christmas market, where traditionally the turnover is particularly high and last year amounted to 3.5 billion euros. Read also: Reduction of rent – Mandatory “scissors” by 40% According to estimates of the financial staff, assuming that the measures taken will pay off and the pandemic will be manageable, a turnover of at least 2.3 – 2.5 billion euros will be saved The repayable advance Ήthe government has already decided to increase the loans to 900 million euros through the fourth cycle of the repayable advance, compared to the initial plan for 600 million euros, while a fifth cycle is planned in December, amounting to 700 million euros. In the two new repayments 50% of each aid is non-repayable, which means that out of the € 1.5 billion in cheap government loans in the two months from November to December, € 750 million will take the form of a grant and will not be repaid by the beneficiaries. are now available to all sole proprietorships, whether they employ employees or have a cash register, provided they have a 20% turnover reduction and a minimum turnover the reference 300 euros. Businesses that have closed or are closing by state order in October and until November 10th can participate in the repayable deposit No4, regardless of the drop in their turnover, as long as they have a minimum turnover of 300 euros. refundable deposit 4 and up to 1,000 euros on the repayable deposit No5. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World,

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