Koronaios: Measures to avoid “padlocks” and dismissals are proposed by the ESA

The Athens Chamber of Commerce is sounding the alarm regarding the situation experienced by the trade, while it is asking for a mixture of measures so that not enough shops are locked and the employees lose their jobs. In a statement issued, he states that due to the explosive situation, convened an extraordinary board of directors and unanimously decided to proceed with the following substantiated proposal deemed necessary, in order to safeguard not only healthy commercial enterprises, but the whole of small and medium-sized Greek entrepreneurship: , to subsidize 100,000 existing positions. This will really subsidize the work and prevent unwanted lockouts and layoffs. Legislative regulation for exemption from payment of rents, for companies that were closed compulsorily, after a state order. Reduced rent by 40% for all other affected companies for the next 6 months . In both cases the property owners should be subsidized respectively. For a period of another 6 months, the optional reduction of rents should apply with the corresponding incentives that apply today. In any case, the intervention should have a predetermined duration and not be announced month-by-month like the martyrdom of the drop. Read also: Koronaios: Padlocks and thousands of redundancies bring new restrictive measuresExtraordinary interest rate arrangement of 48 installments for all current liabilities, which will act as indirect financing and prevention of new overdue liabilities. Immediate creation of the agreed sponsorship loan in terms of covid 19, which will oblige banks to offer it to companies of all kinds, with a turnover of up to 250,000 euros. Through this loan, a relevant solution also in the issue of checks that can not be met. It was also decided to design a communication action, which will promote the absolute health insurance that is proven to provide the entire Greek trade, as well as the interconnected relationship between all sectors of the economy, which necessitates the proportional support of all, like his President Stavros Kafounis said that the proposed mix, taking into account the available resources and the right decisions taken by the government so far, if implemented in a comprehensive manner, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, Sports and Trade. and in time can be a lifeline to rescue thousands of housewives, who have been exhausted by the health crisis. In any other case we are in danger of a tsunami of “padlocks” and redundancies. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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