Koronaios: Intensive checks for the observance of the measures – “Rain” of fines for not using a mask

The heavy fines for not using a mask “fell” like rain in the first day yesterday, Tuesday, of the new restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The police proceeded to 3 arrests, while they confirmed a total of 37 violations of shop operation, 417 forbidden hours and 1,741 for not using a mask. Padlocks and arrests In particular, according to ELAS data, 45,617 checks were carried out yesterday, during which 3 people were arrested and 26 violations of store and private business rules were confirmed. At the same time, 11 violations were confirmed stores for operation after 24:00, with the imposition of a fine and suspension of operation, of which 6 in Western Greece, 3 in Epirus and from 1 in Crete and the North Aegean. Fine fire for not using a mask and moving at prohibited hours. 417 violations were confirmed during the prohibited hours and an equal number of fines of 150 euros were imposed. In particular, 146 in Attica, 108 in Thessaloniki, 36 in Central Macedonia, 20 in Western Macedonia, 18 in the Peloponnese, 18 in Western Greece, 17 in Crete, 15 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 15 in the Ionian Islands, 11 in Central Greece, 6 in Thessaly, 4 in the North Aegean, 2 in the South Aegean and 1 in Epirus. Specifically, 479 in Attica, 213 in Western Greece, 208 in the North Aegean, 171 in Central Greece, 113 in Central Macedonia, 92 in the Peloponnese, 84 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 82 in the Ionian Islands, 73 in Thessaloniki, 63 in Crete, 61 in Thessaly, 39 in Western Macedonia, 35 in the South Aegean and 28 in Epirus. Also, 3 violations were confirmed for not completing the electronic Passenger Locator Form by a traveler. According to ELAS, the controls continue with undiminished intensity for its protection Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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