Koronaios: Greece is at the top of the EU in the use of resources

According to the official data of the Commission, Greece ranks first among the EU countries in terms of the use of resources to deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Small and medium-sized enterprisesThe total resources allocated to programs throughout the European Union In this context, the Greek Ministry of Development and Investment has mobilized – absorbed additional resources of more than 1.5 billion euros. In particular, Greece is among the member states of the Corona virus pandemic. EU. with the highest performance in the utilization of these resources for the provision of working capital to small and medium enterprises, both in the form of direct grants and in the form of working capital loans, occupying the third and second place respectively. In addition, Greece occupies the second place in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises that received non-repayable working capital, as the subsidized companies from these resources amounted to 30,000. Finally, Greece comes first in number of beneficiaries of actions to strengthen social cohesion as, in absolute numbers, the beneficiaries exceeded 450,000 The total resources exceed 3.5 billion euros. It is noted that these data refer only to the resources committed under the flexibility of European regulations and not to the total resources mobilized by our country through the NSRF operational programs for the strengthening of the economy against the pandemic and the o The total absorption of the NSRF operational programs now amounts to 50.56% (Community assistance), with the registered expenditures amounting to 8.13 billion euros. In terms of absorption in terms of public expenditure, the corresponding percentage is 48.01%, which resulted in the rise of Greece – among the 28 of the European Union – from 12th place (July 2019) to 8th place (September 2020 ), with the prospect of further improvement by the end of 2020.

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