Koronaios: Everything will be judged by the weekend: De-escalation or new measures

If there is no de-escalation of the pandemic situation by next weekend, especially in coronavirus-laden areas, such as Thessaloniki, then we will take new measures. This is now the most likely scenario being considered by the government and infectious disease specialists. The 7 days after the imposition of quarantine may be enough to show where the country is going with the coronavirus. No one expects spectacular results and a reduction of cases to three digits. However, some indicators, such as the cases and the number of patients who need an ICU, will judge the subsequent decisions. Already the scenario of the end of the lockdown at the end of the month seems unlikely and will certainly take time to return to a relative normality. half of Greece is in the red and Thessaloniki to record dramatic percentages in positive (1 in 3) and in dead, if from next week we do not see better results then Maximou will have to take drastic measures. According to the information transmitted yesterday MEGA, the next 48 hours are expected to be crucial for the decisions that will be taken jointly by the government with the experts, for further restrictions. The launch of the SMS to 13033 will be under the microscope of the experts. And if the messages sent during the morning and noon hours concern parents who go to school with their children, or other tasks, the messages after 21:00 cause intense concern. Therefore, if the experts see that the images continue for the next two days, it is not ruled out that they will decide on further measures for these hours. More specifically, if the measures show that they do not work, then it is likely that we will go to and with a traffic ban from 21:00 at night onwards, with… few exceptions. It is also possible to enter the ceiling in SMS but also “ceiling” in the time required e.g. It should be noted that in the last weekend alone, November 7 and 8, 8.6 million messages were sent to 13033. Specifically, on Saturday at 13033 4.7 million text messages were sent, while on Sunday 3.9 million These are higher record numbers if we consider that the average of sms during the previous lockdown was 2.9 million. In any case, if the cases fall below 1,000 per day, there is a possibility lockdown relaxation. A difficult possibility with the current epidemiological data, but not unlikely. All in the red Greece is at the peak of its battle with the coronavirus, with the pandemic sweeping the entire country in recent weeks. However, as everything shows, the focus is on Northern Greece and specifically Thessaloniki, which is severely affected by the deadly virus. All areas since the beginning of the pandemic last March. The positive test rates, as well as the steady flow of patients to hospitals, are evidence of the situation in the co-capital. In fact, the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, did not hesitate to mention this issue during the briefing on the coronavirus, saying that the positivity rate in Thessaloniki is 32%. This means that more than three out of 10 tested are positive in are positive in coronavirus. This is a very high percentage, given that it is more than double in relation to the percentage of positivity of the country, which in turn is also high, and ranges at 14%. corona virus that took place yesterday in all the hospitals of the country, the 120 took place in the hospitals of Thessaloniki. That is, 38% of yesterday’s imports related to the deadly virus, were made in hospitals of the co-capital. Impressive North – South difference in cases in Greece In the diagram map that is published every day EODY, a map is found – as has emerged from The recent presentation of “To Vima” – the almost unilateral coronavirus charge of almost all prefectures in Northern Greece. number of cases. With significant variation only in Attica where again as has been pointed out the number of cases taking into account its population is less than 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in recent months which lags behind almost all the prefectures of central Macedonia, Thrace and others . The critical 48 hours for AtticaIn any case, Attica is also under the microscope of scientists. The course of the cases on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as the resilience of the health system are expected to judge whether further restrictions will be imposed in Attica, despite the fact that the whole country is in lockdown status. Hopes for vaccine Meanwhile, with cut The world community is now waiting for the green light of the American health organization for the Pfizer vaccine, which, according to the indications so far, will be the first weapon in the war against the deadly virus. After the enthusiasm that followed the announcement about 90% efficiency, the next day brought many… questions about the next steps. For example, when will its distribution start, how will it be transferred, and in terms of our country, how much will Greece receive. Read also: “I would like to be the first to get the vaccine, but others come first” – Head of Pfizer Vaccine Company The US company will airlift the first of the 300 million vaccines already ordered by the European Union to Europe. This is likely to happen by the end of December, with a large number of vaccines expected to be ready for delivery to mid-January. A huge air operation will be launched from Central Europe to distribute the vaccines to all European capitals. Transport must be rapid due to the sensitivity of the vaccines. Approximately 1.6 million doses are expected to arrive in Greece in the first phase. The vaccine transfer operation will be completed in Greece as it will be distributed from Athens to Covid reference hospitals throughout the country. The vaccines will be stored in wards. deep freeze at -70 degrees Celsius, where they can be stored for 6 months. The vaccine can remain active in cold rooms from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, but only for a week. The vaccine uses a new technology through synthetic MRNA that trains the immune system to produce antibodies to covid19. The full shielding of the body will need 2 doses of vaccine within 28 days. The vaccination will be done by a specialized doctor in the presence of a nurse. According to experts, about 60% of the country’s population will need to be vaccinated to create the herd immunity against the coronavirus, ie about 6 to 7 million Greeks. The goal is for this to happen in the first 6 months of 2021. In fact, if other vaccines are released, the process will be even sooner. The Ministry of Health and the national vaccination committee have already started the necessary moves to prepare the country’s hospitals for vaccination. How much is the vaccine expected to cost? Mr. Manolopoulos also referred to the peculiarities that exist in the storage of the vaccine, where it should be maintained at -70 degrees Celsius, emphasizing that these difficulties can be overcome. “As we know, Pfizer will manufacture the vaccine in Germany and Belgium, so we will escape the “obstacle” of travel from the US “stressed Mr. Manolopoulos, adding that the difficult transport process will affect the price of the vaccine.” It is still difficult to determine the price of the vaccine, maybe it is around 20 – 40 euros “said the professor of Pharmacology, explaining that it will play a role in whether there will be another available vaccine against coronavirus, ie if the competition will work. BioNTech: Below the usual price of the vaccine. The company with which Pfizer works to produce the vaccine, BioNTech, clarified that “the price of the vaccine will reflect the financial risks We have tried to follow a balanced approach that recognizes that innovation requires capital and investment. The vaccine should be priced well below normal market prices. The price of the vaccine will reflect the situation we are in and will aim to ensure widespread access worldwide. “There will probably be different prices in the countries,” Richardson added, without giving further details. Mosialos: Vaccine should not be mandatory on the expectations of the whole world. The professor of Health Policy of the London School of Economics spoke to the main news bulletin of MEGA and underlined that “we are very close. We have the interim report of the two companies that has not yet been analyzed. The result is very impressive, no one expected 90% efficiency to be announced. 90% is mainly in the younger ones, we have not been told if it is equally effective in the elderly and those with underlying diseases. ” others the viral load has been reduced, so even if the disease is transmitted it will not have the same intensity. We do not know how much it will protect us. “The weak point of the virus is that it does not mutate easily,” he continued. What he said about the Pfizer vaccine “There are two doses for this particular Pfizer vaccine. For the others that are in progress there is one dose. But this is the last thing we care about. It is a technical issue. We know that the effectiveness is very high, we believe that it will be great for the vulnerable groups as well “, Mr. Mosialos explained.” Ms. Kotanidou said that the vaccine will be safe, since it will not get approval if there is any doubt that it will have large side effects that will affect those who do. If you get any vaccine you may have a slight fever or slight pain. This is none of the precautions we can take against coronavirus. Clinical trials of this vaccine have not been discontinued due to side effects, as has been the case with other companies. “So far we have not had anything to worry about,” he said. “Let’s go for 60% immunity in the community.” I tell you it will be 80% and 60% of the population will do it. We will reach 48% immunity in the community. To this, however, will be added the immunity of those who have contracted the coronavirus through natural infection. My estimate is that 10% of the population, maybe more, maybe more, will pass the disease and acquire antibodies. So again we will reach 60%. “But he stressed that even 60% does not mean that we are finished with the deadly virus:” It will be two – three months after this wall has been created for the disease to begin to decline. ” on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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