Koronaios: Eight out of 10 companies have lost revenue

The effects of the pandemic on business turnover are dramatic, with eight out of ten saying they have seen a drop in revenue, while the majority consider the measures taken to be insufficient. For the rest of the year, they expect a reduction in the downward trend of revenues, but not a recovery, with 54% of companies expecting a new decrease in revenues. According to a survey conducted by EVEA (Alco company) in the period 19-26 in all sectors of the economy (trade, services, manufacturing) the blow is big for 65% of companies (22% a lot – 43% enough), while relatively limited is for an additional 25% of businesses. Significant is the decrease in revenue in the last six months, compared to the corresponding period of 2019 where 80.5% indicates a decrease in revenue. The majority, in fact, ie 49.5%, indicates a decrease that exceeds 20% compared to 2019. 28% report a decrease from 21% to 40% and while 21.5% report a decrease of over 41%. Regarding the support measures adopted by the State, on average each company utilized 1.5 meters of support. The most used were the suspension of employee contracts (44%), the repayable advance payment (38%), the suspension of payment of tax obligations (30%) and the reduction of rent (25%). Regarding the evaluation in relation to the adequacy of the support measures and the perception of the possibilities of the State to announce additional measures for the enterprises, the majority of the enterprises (65%) consider the measures insufficient, compared to the 26% that consider them sufficient. At the same time, 70% of companies estimate that the State has the ability to announce additional support measures. Commenting on the results of the research, the president of KEE & EVEA Mr. Konstantinos Michalos stated that they reflect the significant blow that the pandemic causes to companies – members of EVEA and demonstrate the need for additional measures by the State to support business activity. “The need”, emphasizes Mr. Michalos, “becomes more urgent today due to the new restrictive measures taken with the local general lockdown in Thessaloniki and Serres but also the” padlock “in the restaurant in most parts of the country. And the new measures announced by the government to mitigate the effects, as I have already pointed out from day one, are not enough and should be reviewed and strengthened. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and find out all the news first See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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