Koronaios – Cases and tests: Lost in “translation”

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, in the “daily report of epidemiological surveillance of infection from the new coronavirus” on the official website of EODY, there were data that had been collected until the afternoon of the previous one. samples in which a molecular test had been performed amounted to 1,718,450. On the same day at 12.33 at noon in the COVID-19 Register on the IDIKA website the total number of confirmed cases was 33,823. Just below the table of confirmed cases in the graphic representation of laboratory tests, the positive samples were 38,989 (!), The negative 369,448, the unspecified 1,785 and the ones under investigation 172,885. In other words, on Thursday, October 29, it was not clear whether the total number of cases in the country was 33,823 or 34,299 or 38,989! And not only that: if the positive, negative, unexplained and investigated cases from the COVID-19 Register are added, a total of 583,107 laboratory tests are obtained. Very far from the 1,718,450 that according to EODY have been carried out! What to comment on the above? When competent lips inform us that up to 24,000 tests are performed daily, what about the 172,885 declared “under investigation”? What are the samples of the last seven days that will be examined? Or that their fate is ignored? And one does not need to be a mathematician to realize that the degree of positivity (the ratio of positive to total tests) will be three times if the number of the tests that have been performed is three times smaller than we think. On what basis, then, are the key political decisions taken to manage the pandemic being made? Maybe he should demand from his subordinates to do their job well! That is, to oblige the laboratories (private and public), which are funded by EODY and the Ministry of Health to conduct the tests, to pass their results to the Register. contributes to the fatigue that ultimately leads to disorder. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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