Korkidis for bankruptcy law: “It puts a brake” on “accounting” private debt

“With the passage of the new bankruptcy code, it is expected that a” brake “will be placed on the” accounting “private debt, which alone to the banks, the tax office and the insurance funds is approaching 234 billion euros. At the same time, in practice it should be a real second chance, for those entrepreneurs, but also for the households, which have been affected by the prolonged financial and health crisis “. and Piraeus Chamber of Industry, Vassilis Korkidis. He continues in his statement: “The accumulated debts are a noose for hundreds of companies and have trapped thousands of self-employed. That is why the second opportunity should be accompanied by new support measures, which can come from Community and national programs. “The need for a permanent debt settlement mechanism is more urgent than ever, at a time when the pandemic is raging. “It is noted that under the new law, the debtor proves that he is in arrears when he does not pay his overdue liabilities to the tax authorities, insurance funds and banks, in the amount of at least 40% of his total overdue liabilities, for at least six months and if his non-performing liability exceeds the amount of 30,000 euros. It is also worth noting that the seven proposals submitted by E.B.E.P. In the context of the consultation, they were included in the law in order to ensure the removal of bureaucratic obstacles, to avoid ambiguities, to conduct direct proceedings by the courts, to have transparency and security barriers for strategic defaulters, to reopen bankrupt companies, to ensure The rights of employers and employees and, finally, to take into account, in out-of-court debt settlement proceedings, future financial crises. ” Code “provides the ability to settle total debts, write off debts in case of insolvency and provide a second chance for all.” “Now, over-indebted citizens, individuals, freelancers and entrepreneurs, will be able to settle their debts to the tax office , insurance funds, banks and so on creditors, if they are deemed viable, thus saving their property. “” In case they choose bankruptcy, their property will be liquidated and they will be released from their debts. It is important that, following government pressure on the banking system, the first home of vulnerable households is not endangered by auction until the new law enters into force. “” Thus, from January 2021, the weakest will be able to join the a new Bankruptcy Law that provides for debt relief, even after one year from the declaration of bankruptcy, for those households and businesses that lose their property and after 3 years from the submission of the application, if they do not have property. “” I hope the law that will be in force from January 1, 2021 and will replace all the individual debt settlement tools that exist today, to treat all debtors fairly. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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