Knet vs VAR: Let me see a thousand Super League eyes

We have an awesome championship. The Premier League should be blind. Nice, fatal. And above all, technology, guardian angel of reliability. You see, my child, the VAR room and you feel safe. A certainty I would say. They have not ordered skewers. Fasting or fed. The job is difficult but the lads know how to do it. Worth it. We may have paid something more, but it matters that we no longer miss anything. You did not see again tonight at OAKA. The equalizing goal of AEK. What did you not see? But you do not need to see. He sees the VAR. Now, of course, that he is constantly in favor of AEK, this is a small, rather insignificant detail. Let’s not spoil such a nice story. Three points last Sunday from VAR AEK in Ioannina with that penalty parody with the ball having reached Preveza when the “eye” of technology located the violation. Three more points today via VAR for the overthrow with OFI (from 0-1 to 2-1). But isn’t video technology a wonderful discovery? What can Tigris do to the players with this “rent” in 3D. But all of AEK from last year until now? If he was in a Casino, Kouropalatis would have taken their underpants. Of course, we should not wrong the real protagonists of football. The… players, de. Some become “heroes”, others “fatal” but they always find a way to remind us of their presence. And sometimes to give the stimulus for a soundtrack since music is known to tame morals. foul of Ninoas that judges Panaitolikos-PAOK at 88 ΄ and Poulopoulos thinks “A statue that saw me, remembered me”. Nice, nostalgic. Diachronic. Another more immersed in art remembers Terlegas “And as I take turns, you look at me if you want”. And that’s good. And if we have to fill the program, you also put a Copy “Photographer, take a photo. This time she hugs him “τον If Boutsikaris was smart, such a diamond product that he holds in his hands would easily sell it on CD. Or as an educational program. “Incredible mistake, Kenneth hid behind the wall. “Tragic assessment”, said the Nova speaker, while then he added: “Knet is leaving his corner, for some reason of his own…”. You take the stage, take it to Kindergarten tomorrow and say to the children: Where did Kenneth hide? Until the bombers find him, they will have finished. But isn’t the Super League great? “How stupid are you? Is there no serious football prosecutor? I had to see a goalkeeper empty the goal and sit behind the wall from a game of Akratitos with Kamatero, when I had Aris Petersburg. I hope that the new owner, who also comes from abroad, changes everything, without knowing where the city is, whether it is an island or land “. And another quiz. And in fact reinforced, by the always informed Alexis Kougia. PS 2. “When you lose the moral advantage, nothing saves you, neither Giannakis Papadopoulos, nor Pourliotopoulos… Where Makis and malama!”. Kougias no. 2, the return. There in malama, however, one could also put… malama-tinaYG 3. Glory and honor to Vassilis Tsiartas. “Do not say nonsense” said the custodian of seriousness. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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