KINAL attack for fraud with agricultural subsidies

Rapid are the developments regarding what is revealed around the golden circuit of the pastures, with the Greek Justice now having the floor, after the data provided to it by the outgoing, president of OPEKEPE. The issue has received the inevitable parallel political dimensions, as what is revealed is shocking. “We demand that the truth shine and that responsibilities be assigned,” the responsible head of KINAL, Ap. Panas, stressed in a statement, recalling the previous parliamentary actions of his party. In detail, the announcement of the head of rural development of KINAL, Pana Apostolou, about the pastures: A serious scandal is revealed these days after serious complaints from the farmers for the management of the distribution of subsidies from the National Reserve in the years 2017,2018 and 2019 Farmers complain that the same perforated process is being attempted in the distribution of the national reserve of 2020 and must be stopped. Cunning with the trick of renting private pastures by owners who have suddenly appropriated public pasture areas (ie claim possession) with only evidence of indication of these areas in E9. With this useless evidence, some received significant aid to the detriment of other producers. Both the complaints of the President of the new PASEGES and the cases that were brought to justice for investigation by the President of OPEKEPE last week show that the issue concerns a large fraud around the management of farmers’ subsidies with the tolerance of the competent authorities from 2017 for voting reasons. First as a Movement for Change we submitted a detailed Question about the irregularities in the distribution of National Reserve in the years 2017-2018-2019 and in the single aid, on October 6, 2020. While the competent Minister of Rural Development and Food Mr. Voridis has not answered yet, the Question is completely confirmed to us unfortunately. We can not tolerate any attempt to cover up. The rural world with which the Movement for Change has deep and stable relations, demands transparency, justice and equality in the management of aid. We demand that the truth shine and responsibilities be assigned. The 2020 national reserve cannot be allocated by the same perforated procedure that must be changed. New President of OPEKEPE Theofanis Papas In the meantime, it was recently announced the official replacement of Mr. Varras from the helm of OPEKEPE. The new President of the Organization for the Payment and Control of Community Guidance and Guarantee Aid (OPEKEPE) is Theofanis Papas, replacing the outgoing President of the Organization, Grigorios Varras. Theofanis Papas was born in Thessaloniki in 1977. He holds a degree in “Accounting and Finance” from Serres, with a Master’s Degree in “European Integration and Governance” from the University of Macedonia. Since 2002 he is the owner of a model craft company in the agri-food sector, which deals with the certified processing and production of cheese-making enzymes, based in Sochos, Thessaloniki. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and World, in

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