“Kato Partali”: A trip to the historic village for MEGA viewers

MEGA viewers will travel to Agios Mauritius of Gortynia, or “Kato Partali” from tonight and every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00. The great success of the big channel returns to our receivers to give us unforgettable moments of laughter but also mysterious cases. “Kato Partali” made Vasiliki Troufakou, Nadia Kontogeorgi and Minos Theocharis particularly well known to the general public, actors who already had an important course in the theatrical scenes. But what made it so special and beloved in the hearts of was the original screenplay by Lefteris Papapetrou, who has signed the legendary “Dolce Vita”, “You are my match” and the unforgettable “Crimes”. The series was directed by Amalia Giannikou. The title song of the series, which started airing in 2014, is an adaptation of the song “My Village, My Village”, sung by Sofia Vembo in 1947, with lyrics by Mimi Traiforos and music Joseph Ritsiardi. The adaptation for the series was made by the band Imam Baildi. From Kolonaki to… Kato Partali It all started when Konstantinos lost his job due to the financial crisis and realized that he had to leave behind the frantic parties, the luxurious trips and the good life. The solution to the problem of Konstantinos (Giannis Tsimitselis) was given by Myrto’s partner. Vasiliki Troufakou, a girl who grew up in the province, suggests moving to Kato Partali and engaging in agritourism. Although the idea terrifies Konstantinos at first, Myrto convinces him to go on a trip to her village to see it up close. With them is Vivian’s sister, who has just caught her husband cheating on her. But what happens when two Athenians leave the great life and the aristocracy and have to stay in a village in the Greek countryside? The scenes of terrible laughter follow the one with the other with Vivian (Nadia Kontogeorgi) not being able to communicate with the women of the village at first. Moisturizers, spa, good manners, class are some of the words that Vivian undertakes to teach to the women of the countryside, provoking him No stranger will set foot in the village. When Myrto, Konstantinos and Vivian arrived in the village, they were confronted by a sweet but a little strange family. The same goes for Vivian Manolis’s boyfriend (Minos Theocharis) who travels to the village to inform her that the police are looking for her because of her husband’s debts. Myrto Diamantis’s father (Tassos Chalkias) is a tough and proud man who wants to marry his only daughter to Vlasis (Stavros Svigos), a young man from the village, and does not see the arrival of foreigners with a good eye. Her mother, Moschoula (Vicky Stavropoulou), seems to welcome them more friendly newcomers and while it looks sweet and innocent, in fact it hides guilty secrets. Like the whole village. Secrets that are slowly revealed and make the viewers not be able to miss a single minute of each episode. and her effort to adapt to the village and Minos Theocharis with his fiery temperament gave rest to their dealings with the villagers.

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