Karagiozides exist in the Parliament but they have an expiration date

The Greek Parliament, like most parliaments around the world, looks like a greenhouse. Or with a field where you can see everything: You can see good fruits, ripe and ready for picking. You can see immature, who still need watering, sun and care. But you can also see the saprophytes, the pests that They can live at the expense of others. He can also see the rotten fruits that the producer will go to pick them up at some point and throw them in the trash. Somehow the Parliament in our country is like that, although the mixture is different. Especially after a ten-year crisis of the Institutions, from the prevalence of populism, from the re-emergence of extreme nationalist ideologies, even neo-Nazi parties with the cloak of a parliamentary party, such as the Golden Dawn. In all parties there are good MPs but also moderate but very capable lazy, excellent but also tin, serious but also numbers that cause you sadness when you realize that they decide for your life. Unfortunately, the parliamentary history of the country from the time of the memoranda onwards has to record many sad cases of MPs, many tragic moments degeneration of the Republic, many shameful incidents. We have almost seen fellow MPs being beaten, insulted. We have seen incredible scenes with voices, humiliation of opponents, expressions of chameleon printing. And we have seen a low level of parliamentary work because the only thing that matters is communication and not the substance. Of course it is not only the political numbers in Parliament, serious work is done, and now and in previous years. But in the world what comes out, and what ultimately prevails is the image. Many citizens like the shouting MP who has not offered a job. He likes the tsaboukas, the battle of Ataka, the political nonsense that will cover the job, the right decisions or even the serious political controversies that, however, produce results. In recent years, populism, lies, bribery, the annulment of ideologies, cheapness, mediocrity have prevailed. And unfortunately the citizen is “educated” in images of shame, in political saprophytes, in low-level MPs who have a “Charisma”. They sell populism, disgust, filth, filth and stench as if they are all assets. Karagiozides and restart as it is more Greek… Karagiozides with power given to them by the people. The Greek parliament needs a restart, as well as the entire political scene of the country. We need a new beginning in which serious people will take part, young men and women who abstain because they see this humiliation and live in the corner. It takes a lot of work, especially from the people who need to know who is voting and why. Politicians who are elected because they shout more or because they are telemanders must be put to an end. Just as a party must be voted on for its program, so a politician must be elected for its seriousness. Only in this way will the Greek political scene be upgraded and a serious work be produced for the good of us all. Otherwise, everyone They hope that the political idiots who live for their image will one day be cast out. The saprophytes of politics, the fascists of all parties, the disgraced pseudo-men and lickers of their leaders, the political thugs who do not hesitate to attack women, the … Fists and bourbons, the so-called “clean” and progressive who are more ζί Nazi than the Chrysaugites, will rot at some point. they are hiding behind the mask of the politician Karagiozis. The time of sowing is approaching. The rye will stand out from the wheat and the rotten ones are sure to be thrown in the garbage can of History. Where it has always been their place but we were late to understand it. Follow it on Google News and find out all the news first See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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