Kalathis: “Yasikevitsius is a great coach”

Nick Kalathis adored Saronas Yassikevitsios in an interview he gave on the official page of the Euroleague. presents in detail with Zeljko Obradovic. His detailed statements: About when he first heard about Jasikevicius: “The first time I heard about Jasikevicius was when he played for the Pacers. I was watching the NBA and then I was in college. I had seen him a few times. Then obviously in my first season at Panathinaikos I met him and I did not know what a man he was but I knew he was a big name. I had no idea about European basketball then and I was told that he has conquered everything in every country “. For the first time that they coexisted at Panathinaikos as teammates in the 2009/10 season:” I met him in my first steps in European basketball, when I was 20 years old and I did not know what to expect. And he was older, one of the veterans of the team who dissolved me in every training session and shouted at me. So I was not a big fan of him then. “For the second time they coexisted in the 2011/12 season:” When I played with him again while I was in my third year on the team, we became friends. I think he respected me more now. I believe that I would not like my 20-year-old self either, I would not like him as a player if I was older, because as a young child I thought I knew everything. In my third season, however, I was more mature and we developed a friendship that has lasted since then. “On what it was like to have him as an opponent in training:” We fought battles. When I was little I did not expect to play, so I was trying to gain participation time from him, Diamantidis, Spanoulis and Nikolas. Obviously there was no attendance time for everyone, so I was left with the rotation. But I thought that coach Obradovic believed in me and in my third year in the team I played with Saras and Diamantidis. “For what he thought when Jasikevicius decided to become a coach:” I was not surprised. I knew the. When you play with him for two years and you know what he can do and how he thinks, you understand. Players who become coaches and have that sense of the game become great coaches. He uses his IQ as he did when he was a player. He has a unique sense of the game and that is why he is such a good coach. What he did with Zalgiris was amazing. Build a system where you knew that playing against them would be a difficult game because they never made a mistake. And he did it all with a small budget they had, they got great players who played hard. You knew that any game against them would be difficult. He built a culture there. “On the similarities between Sarah and Obradovic:” The one thing they look like is that he asks the players. The other is that it focuses on detail and if you do not do what it wants it will make sure you understand that you were wrong. He focuses a lot on the detail and has the same requirement from the players “On how open Yassikevitsios is to the players:” I know him, but even if I did not know him I could talk to him about what concerns me. He is a coach who is open to players and that is good because we can communicate with him. We know he was a great player and he knows how we feel and he understands things that a coach who has never played basketball will not understand. “Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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