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Not only “there are judges in Berlin”, there are also in Athens. Judges who judge on the basis of law, law and morality, regardless of the status of the person being tried – whether penniless or wealthy, lord or plebeian, king or national, politician (as in this case) or worker (even a journalist). to keep my composure, but I will do it, because this is imposed on the one hand by my morals and education and on the other hand by what my party, Mr. Kammenos Panagiotis, has repeatedly done against me, in contrast and for a number of years. of Elias, former Minister of National Defense in the SYRIZANEL government. The main reason for this, since last Monday, owes me 10,000 euros plus the legal interest of this amount from May 2018 (when I resorted to Justice to protect myself from his miserable slanderous attacks against me even from the floor of Parliament), as guilty of brutal, consistently defamatory, slander. The decision of the Athens Multi-Member Court of First Instance, which was received on July 9, 2020, published on the 27th of the same month and notified to me yesterday, is a catapult for my abuser Kammenos and his persistent, for many years attempt to cancel me professionally, socially, morally and politically. Although he tried to hide behind the parliamentary immunity, claiming that the insults and slanders against me were in the exercise of his parliamentary duties and that he had a “belief in the truth”, he had allegedly been misled that what he falsely, non-existently and slanderously attributed to me was true, the court (President Mrs. El. Motsovolea and members Mrs. E. Magaiti – rapporteur – and Chr. Dimopoulou) imposed the penalty mentioned above and which is immediately applicable. More specifically, the Athens Multi-Member Court of First Instance with its decision number 2523/2020 condemns him because while he “served” politics, and steadfastly denied criticism and control, he repeated at every opportunity that I do not report on the basis of principles and values of journalistic ethics, but by order of the former publisher of DOL Mr. Stavros Psycharis. He persistently called me “45-gauge pistol”, with phrases such as “(…) and to Mr. Papachristos, who for a year now, knowingly, not himself, by order like Psycharis’ 45-gauge, because I touched his business interests and I will blame him, because he is taking public money, he has decided to constantly write lies and make a personal attack. ”He reached the point during the famous debate in Parliament about the conspiracy against the ten opposition political figures who were allegedly involved in Novartis scandal, and without having the slightest connection with it, to state the following to me, as the Athens Multi-Member Court of First Instance admitted, lies: “We are looking for the ‘where did you go’ of politicians. There is a journalist, Mr. George Papachristos, against whom I have filed and won lawsuits, for what he occasionally wrote about me. His accounts in Greece have been blocked. “In ‘Pothen Esches’ it is said that he has some millions in Switzerland and one has to go to Switzerland in order to be compensated for the slanderous defamation he does, performing forty-five pistol duties against political opponents” !!! In his monumental decision, the court states that “it was proved that the defendant (ie Kammenos) made the above statements, the content of which, as mentioned above, he considered true, with the belief that, in this way, he fulfills his duty, as a Member of Parliament, to inform him However, the expressions used by the defendant for the plaintiff, identical in fact, “45’s of Psycharis” and “forty-five pistols against political opponents”, go beyond what is necessary to inform the defendants. were used by the defendant deliberately, as he sought to make clear his contempt for them. That is, they were used for the purpose of insulting, as, if the defendant aimed only at informing the Greek people, the specific expressions were not necessary at all, but could easily be expressed differently and in a way that is suitable for his service. to be consistent in its style with the political reason why a politician should express himself publicly that his justified interest in informing the people should not result in the worthlessness of other people given that by constitutional requirement the respect of his value A person without discrimination who is not limited to the way he lives his life is set in accordance with Articles 2 (1) and 25 (1) of the Constitution as the maximum obligation of every citizen “. Another part of the decision states that:” (…) the defendant (Kammenos ) externalized in a derogatory manner to the plaintiff his beliefs about him in contempt, thus insulting the “Also, in his monumental decision, the court finds that Kammenos’ slanderous and defamatory allegations against me (…)” are directly directed against the plaintiff, meaning of “opinion”, as provided by the above provision of Article 60 of the Constitution, ie as an opinion expressed by the Member either in a draft law or amendment submitted to Parliament, or in a report or proposal submitted to Parliament or parliamentary committees ( …) The defendant ate the honor and reputation of the plaintiff, ie manifestations of his personality, which (personality of the plaintiff) he illegally and culpably infringed, at which point, in this respect, as to the specific allegations, the present action Furthermore, it has been established that the plaintiff, due to the unlawful and culpable insult to his personality, as a result of the above of the defendant, suffered moral damage, for the restoration of which he must be awarded monetary compensation in the amount of ten thousand (10,000.00) euros, which is considered reasonable “. As reported, the verdict against Kammenos was taken taking into account,” ( …) The type, gravity and extent of the infringement suffered by the plaintiff and its consequences, the circumstances and in general circumstances under which the defendant’s legal claims took place (in the Plenary Session of the Parliament and on a television program) of the defendant Follow the Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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