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The speed of the reaction, combined with the determination of the measures and the degree of their elaboration, leave me with the impression that the government was prepared for the moment when it would need to intervene in the issue of university security. Wait for the right occasion, the fact that it would make a splash of communication, would cause general disgust and would raise public opinion against the anarchists, whose universities have been ravaged for decades and whose existence is the most serious security problem in their operation. The scum that ousted the rector of the University of Economics gave the requested reason and the above. University education or degree – depending on how everyone sees it – is one of the most important assets for Greek society and the trends that follow here show and many years: more universities, more students at home, more abroad, more postgraduates and so on. No parent or student who is seriously interested in the future and progress will mourn if the universities get rid of their jerks, thanks to the special police protection body, the entrance card, where it can be applied, The fact that SYRIZA reacts with such hysteria when it hears the Prime Minister talking about “a left-wing parastate” and “fascism that changes colors but has the same substance” is the proof that in this issue the government is doing the right thing when it tries to rid us of the myth of the supposedly good, “humanitarian” violence of the Left. I wish there were no discounts along the way! Lapsus memoriaeYes. My good Yuklid Tsakalotos had forgotten a small but crucial detail! .. Fortunately, Professor Vasso Kinti found herself reminding us of this, because, although she said it nicely about the anarchist bums who ousted the rector of the University of Economics, the former SYRIZA minister , but he had forgotten that he was present and even supported the respective bums when they invaded the Council of EKPA (of the Diamantopoulos law) and held hostage the members of the Council, including professors from foreign universities, Harvard, Princeton and MIT, scientists distinguished and renowned, who had come to Greece to offer. He had forgotten all this – what do you want us to do? However, Vasso Kinti remembers them. He remembers “the thugs who accompanied elderly teachers even to the toilet lest they break free from their shackles […] who threatened us that they knew where to find us. “I was there too”, she writes in her post, “and I saw Mr. Tsakalotos supporting those who insulted our dignity and humiliated us”. Vasso Kinti has made a personal struggle to restore common sense in the operation of the public and he is right when he says that Yuklin owes a self-criticism. After all, self-criticism in cases of shifting positions is something that always increases the prestige of the one who attempts it. Just as I can not hide my appreciation for Vasso Kinti, so I can not hide my weakness for Yuklin. It’s because it gives me a childhood, that I thought the years and this job had killed her. I see him as a character who has escaped from the world of illustrators. It is a cartoon that I recognize from my childhood, only now it is completely real, it has a role in political life, it has even ruled the country as Minister of Finance and it is always the same joke! Serious reason to be weak in someone, is not it? I want to hope, then, that his self-criticism is slow only because he is forced to rewrite the same paragraph, as his tears soak the paper… Follow it on Google News and find out all first the News See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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