It is mandatory to indicate the country of origin for the meat

EU rules on compulsory indication of country of origin for certain meats have been shown to be important information for consumers, and are also reliable. This evaluation support study contributes to an overall evaluation of the current regulation for mandatory indication of the country of origin labeling for certain meats, which will be completed by the publication of an evaluation report (service working document). The aim of the evaluation is to assess whether the rules for informing consumers about the mandatory origin labeling of certain meats are: effective, efficient, coherent, relevant and add value to the EU in view of objectives Current needs in the sector and any new problems arising from implementation. Background EU rules on mandatory labeling of the country of origin for certain meats apply to fresh, chilled and frozen pork, mutton, The main obligations of the regulation include: to indicate on the label of fresh and frozen meat of certain species the country of origin or the place of origin and there is at each stage of production and distribution of these meats a system of identification and registration, which ensures: -the relationship between the meat and the animal from which it comes-the transmission of information related to the indications of the country of origin together with the meat.Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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