Is there a European response to the killers?

The murderous attacks of jihadists in France had not stopped and to these were added the also hated and barbaric murders in Vienna. And tomorrow who knows where else. No one is sure what can happen to him at any time. The just anger of European citizens is overflowing. Fear is now spreading everywhere. How should Europe react? To oppose its values ​​to those of murderers. So far we all agree. But how do you defend these values? This is where the big differences begin. On the one hand, there are those who oppose the poverty, the colonialism, the social ghettos in which Muslims live, in the bottomless violence and hatred of the murderers. As if all the poor become murderers or as if the murderers are all poor. On the other hand, there are those who demand the expulsion from Europe of all those who do not accept “human rights, abstinence from violence, democracy”. In other words, they demand that the Republic respond with barbarity to the barbarity of the murderers. The problem is not solved either by big words about a Europe of tolerance, or by invoking the police of thought and dynamic response. Many are calling for war. But with whom? Not only with the jihadists but with the whole of Islam and all Muslims. There is no moderate Islam they claim. They are thus declaring a holy war against those who dream of the holy war-jihad. They want a religious war in the name of defending European values. This is how the voices calling for Europe to control its citizens with certificates of wisdom erupt. They ask for the arrest and expulsion of citizens only on the suspicion that they do not believe in us. They want to kill the monster by looking like him. They want to defend Voltaire and the Enlightenment with weapons against Joseph de Mestre and the anti-Enlightenment. They demand that the necessary principle of security be turned into an authority to control an entire class of Muslims. Is the incrimination of entire social groups a defense of Western culture? Is this a European answer? With a light heart and mind, anyone who thinks that while the answer to the murderers is one, their condemnation by the rule of law and the conscience of the citizens, on the other hand, their confrontation is not in the war of religions and cultures. . Such a war is the absolute justification of the murderer who shouts “Allahu Akbar” before killing. He has nothing to lose from such a war. Instead he lives, kills and dies for him. Those who have to lose are those who, as the lyrics of a rock song in the era of totalitarianism in Poland used to say, “I love freedom and I understand it”. Those who call for a religious war in Europe neither love freedom nor understand it. You can certainly expel from Europe all Muslims, all those you think do not accept its values, or you can even send them to extermination camps. But will you be Europe then? What European values ​​will you then express by defending freedom with non-freedom? The answer to jihadist hatred cannot be the abolition of the rule of law, but its defense. If liberal democracies respond with war on their own soil, then they will do the jihadists a great favor. The guilt of an entire religion – whatever it may be – paves the way for the cultivation of hatred against all religions but also against all ideologies. The next step in the general discrediting of Muslims is the discrediting of all Christians, all atheists, all agnostics, all people in general. That is, it is the transformation of societies into jungles. The ease of some to target entire social groups is the path that leads to the domination of hatred and fear of the other. After all, does membership in Europe presuppose the acceptance of Europe’s values? And “whoever likes it, whoever does not like it, should not come here or leave”. And this view is marketed as a self-evident, reasonable and European response to the actions of jihadist assassins. But it is neither self-evident nor reasonable and much more European. Europe has a weapon to deal with violence, the law. Citizens and the state must abide by the law. If it is violated by the state, then the citizens must fight for the restoration of the rule of law. If the citizens violate it, then they will face the consequences of its violation. For example, the abuse of women because of their gender, the incitement to violence, the murder of whoever they come from do not need a war to be punished. They are punished by law anyway. If the law is not enough in the new circumstances, let us change it, as Jill Keppel proposes, and at the same time let the anti-terrorist services be strengthened. No war of cultures and religions is needed for this to happen. Everything else is not in line with any western value. Mr. George Siakantaris is a doctor of Sociology, author. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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