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It is somewhat paradoxical that a country, or rather a superpower, claiming the leadership of the planet, has so much difficulty in completing an electoral process. Think of the facts: in the US presidential election we already know which candidate received the most votes, that is, he won the popular vote, getting 3.7 million more votes than his opponent: Biden. And yet we still do not know if he is the next president, as we have to wait for the results in the States to see who will have at least 270 And not only that: in fact the elections in the USA have a number of States that are given, that everyone knows in advance what the result will be, and everything is judged in specific States and which candidate will get them. And that means that it can Someone should not be the first candidate in votes, but to win the elections. In Greece we would consider it just a greedy system, but here They consider it a top democratic process. And the problems do not end there. See the whole story with the lawsuits that Trump wants to make. This has to do with a complex system in which not all votes count the same and where there are not exactly common rules everywhere. Even the famous system of “checks and balances”, which is supposed to ensure that between mutual balance and control between in the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, it sometimes results in all sorts of entanglements, e.g. when there are different correlations in the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. Here they have reached the point where the government can not find with Congress on the budget to stop functioning for a while critical government services. And of course just the fact that this electoral system manages to get Trump-type presidents out who then think they can ask for the vote count to be stopped when they do not like the result says a lot. The bad thing is that all this is interesting to see. in a movie, read them in books or fool around with them from afar. When you see them in a country that has waged a few wars to promote democracy and freedom and has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet, then things become somewhat alarming Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, f The

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