Intermediate discounts: Why traders demand their abolition

The abolition of the institution of intermediate discounts was requested in a letter to the Minister of Development and Investment ‘Adonis Georgiadis by the Athens Chamber of Commerce. The president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce Stavros Kafounis stated: and for me personally, it is a pivotal intervention that will permanently remove distortions that affect the market and consumers. “Now is the time for courageous decisions that facilitate the operation of the affluent commercial enterprises and given the support we have received from the entire commercial community of the country and consumer organizations, we expect a positive response from the Minister.” “The Board of Directors of the Athens Chamber of Commerce has unanimously advocated the abolition of the obsolete institution of intermediate discounts that creates distortions in the market to the detriment of consumers and ultimately the economy. Strengthening this position, the Athens Chamber of Commerce has of all the commercial organizations of the country, expressing all the commercial enterprises regardless of region and size but also of consumer organizations, which it has repeatedly submitted and documented in your Ministry. “To make brave decisions” Given the critical period we are going through for survival on the occasion of the bill to be passed, which regulates, among other things, market issues, which in no way violates the existing regime of operation of commercial stores on Sundays, except in special cases which have the support of local agencies as you assured us, We call for the abolition of intermediate discounts. “According to the Association,” it is time to make courageous decisions that will solve long-standing problems for the benefit of society, business and economic activity in the country. ” News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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