Institutions: The 8th post-memorandum evaluation with express procedures

The institutions are going through a “sieve” the bankruptcy code, the preliminary draft budget as well as the course of the overdue debts of the State. The budget group, the red loans, the auctions, the privatizations and the interventions in the energy sector, to the leaders. The team of four officials (EU ECB, ESM, IMF) in the express procedures that are done through video conferencing focus on the fiscal front, the budget shocks, the shocks caused by the pandemic in the productive fabric and the uncertainties about developments across the economy. is completely off the map while they consider the Greek forecast for a deficit of 6.23% to be high risk GDP this year and only 1% of GDP in 2021. Read also: “Nea Kavala” deposit: Which companies have expressed interest – What investment will be made? close to the primary result of 2% will be found the budget of the year. However, everything will depend on the size of the growth, which is the key so that the unfavorable scenario for a deficit of 3% does not prevail. The 8th post-memorandum report of the institutions will be published in November. of the next installment of profits from the holding of Greek bonds by central banks, amounting to 640 million euros, in the context of the implementation of the medium-term measures agreed in June 2018 for debt relief. Commission for the Preliminary Draft Budgets for 2021.

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