In the municipality of Ilio the oldest eco-worship inscription of the 4th century BC.

It seems that our ancestors had the opportunity to see and know things without even having… .internet. When we have been talking for some years about the need to protect the environment, our ancient ancestors did it from the 4th century BC. In fact They had also imposed very severe penalties – including 50 lashes – for those who destroyed the environment. In the municipality of Ilio there is the well-known “Tritsi Park”. It is known for all the right and all the wrong reasons. It is a lung of greenery and well-being after a walk to decompress and rejuvenate sufficiently. Its prospects of becoming a benchmark for the capital data. These are the right reasons. And another one that will be analyzed enough later to tie in with our introduction. The wrong reasons that the Park is known today are that it has been abandoned to its management body and which to date has not intervened decisively to turn it into that which is worth being. It is a pity and we all expect the people in charge to take their responsibilities immediately. Let us now turn to the special event that connects the Park with the 4th century BC, the environment and climate change. So there was probably the oldest eco-worship inscription in the world. So he forbade the people of the 4th century in the area to cut down the trees, to cut and carry branches of all kinds and even to pick up the fallen leaves. Do you want to know about the penalties? 50 lashes for the slaves, while if he was a free man a fine was provided while his name would be handed over to the king and the Parliament. The ancients knew better that the protection of the environment was a primary value equivalent to life itself and its quality. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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