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In the beginning it was not Logos, Konstantinos Karamanlis, the Akanedes and Panserraikos. And goalkeepers like Kelesidis and Karypidis are coming close, plus the young Tsimikas, the left back of Olympiacos who did not manage to enjoy his transfer to Liverpool and got a coronavirus. The truth is that it passes lightly. It is also true that Serres, although the second most populous city in Macedonia – something like the co-capital of the co-capital – never occupied the news in the current urgent way. People out of heart, and above all generous. This is how my dark-minded southern compatriots describe them, who spent part of their lives in Serras. Always in the plural and always archaic. If you want my opinion, this obsession with the puritanical press shows, among other things, that the city has a timeless style and elegance, something like the little black dress of Chanel, in contrast to the original co-capital which, apart from Thessaloniki, takes hours Arta with Ioannina. We have confused the cities and this is probably the fault of the road construction, which, by eliminating the distances between the urban centers of Northern Greece, is about to turn the Egnatia Odos into “Makaria, the street is walking today, congratulations…” and I will explain immediately how. “Two or three weeks from today, the city was in a state of constant Swan Thursday”, my terrified friend from Serrai tells me over the phone. Feasts of partygoers arrived in zero time from Thessaloniki and neighboring cities to continue, at midnight, the blessing and socializing with the virus. And what will happen now? Are we going to dismantle the huts so that the virus can not find a way out? And I suddenly remembered Kostas Filinis, with how much patience he was trying to curb a miracle of my time from his frantic desire for a mountain guerrilla of another era. “These things do not happen, my child. First of all, think. “Now the road network reaches every mountain peak.” He said, but I do not know why I kept it and I am still thinking about it. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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