In five years the “revolution” of machines

We were not worried enough that technology “eats” our jobs, now we have COVID-19. Day by day it is transforming the way we work, not only because of the global recession – which threatens millions of jobs – but also because the measure of teleworking tends to create new data in labor rights. shows a completely different future. But the amazing thing is this: According to the World Economic Forum in five years from now machines will do as much work as humans do! What does that mean? The obvious: Millions of jobs will disappear. In this perspective, there are two solutions: either we let the “machine revolution” leave us out of work or we face it. And it’s interesting to see what experts from around the world are proposing about how we can “bring back” the world of work in the face of these challenges. But Cassandra’s look is also good news: The number of jobs that are expected to be created with the advancement of technology remains higher than the number of jobs that will be lost. So if the scripts in science fiction movies are not confirmed and in the future our planet is not dominated by machines, then there is a solution: millions of people have to change what Experts estimate that now – in the work that many do – we may not need training, but at least 40% of the basic skills are going to change. In five years from now, that is, half from what we do, will be done differently than today. And for this reason, experts estimate that 50% of employees will need new skills. In short, technology is “running” and if these estimates are a warning then we need a “software” upgrade. Follow it on Google News and find out first See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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