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His name is Grayson Perry, he is 60 years old and since 2015 he has been the rector of the University of the Arts London, the largest university in Europe for art, design, fashion and spectacle. He is a great and very popular artist, he is straight, he lives with his wife and their daughter and he likes to move around dressed as a woman. This is how he goes to the University every morning, this is how he receives his awards. At first he was shocked, then he was accepted, today they adore him. In other words, he is different but he is not ridiculous. Her name is Petra de Souter, she is 57 years old and recently became the first transgender minister in the history of Belgium (where she also holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister). Apart from some far-right comments, her appointment was not even news in the country. It has been widely commented on abroad, for example in Brazil, where the average life expectancy of trans people is 35 years. In a recent interview, she expressed the hope that her example would open the debate to the rest of the world – but she would not start touring as “the trans minister”. In other words, it’s different, but it’s not ridiculous. Both Grayson and Petra were redeemed when they were able to freely express their differences. The rector has been wearing women’s clothing since he was 15, but at first he hid it. It took the minister forty years to understand what was happening to her, why she was unhappy. There was no information, there was no Internet. Now things are different. Societies have advanced. Not to the same degree: homosexuality has always been taboo in the Greek political scene, the current government is the first to have three openly gay executives, one wonders what characterizations a minister who has changed gender or likes to dress in the clothes of another would bathe in Not in all things: it is interesting that women have acquired the right to wear trousers, but men are ridiculed when they wear high heels – even if they were originally designed for them. When will this taboo be broken? When will we stop putting people in boxes and rejecting those who outgrow them? When will we demystify identity and gender? This is not about political correctness, but about the substance. The distance between a mocking comment or a contemptuous look and an attack on physical integrity is shorter than we imagine, especially in societies that still value “masculinity”. “Let us stop discriminating against people because they are different “Because they feel differently, because they have a different skin or religion,” says Petra de Souter. “Let’s get over the ‘us and the others’ scheme.” Or, in another version, “the serious and the ridiculous”. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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