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By Loukia Apostolidi * The feeling of losing control, in our daily lives, increases insecurity and gives birth to an escalating mental and emotional discomfort. We are faced with an unknown, an external but also an existential threat in a period reminiscent of Beckett’s work “Waiting for Godot”. In a wait without answers, full of liquidity and need for a “Gondo” who we do not know when he will come and what he will bring with him. – psychological level. At the same time we mourn by saying goodbye to a past society and a daily life different until now. We are sick in a reality where her immune system is suffering, we expect a future that we do not know but only expect. Contact is missing more than ever and we do not have the opportunity to get lost in substitutes that bring pleasure. Our body, stuck in a condition of survival and defense, can hardly be discharged and taken care of. There is a mental breakdown! The intensity of loneliness and compulsive behaviors grows stronger. This “skin hunger”, in other words the deprivation of love through contact and touch, which is associated with a number of psychological and physical effects, can be associated with anxiety, depression and loneliness. A new order of things has appeared and we are called to adapt to an uncertainty, to a wait, to the distance and to limitations. At a time when one would say we are in a place “In Closed Doors” (Jean Paul Sartre), where the heroes they pass from the unconscious to the conscious, so we too have come into more substantial contact with our inner world than ever in recent decades, and that is because we have no choice. In our present, the conflict with the established, the search for its authentic way exists and the idea of ​​freedom always remain indelibly important topics. Let us move away from the perspective of discomfort and explore our choices. We experience a sense of a deeper reality, without the certainties that existed in “normal life” that we knew before. A set of basic systems is being tested in modern society and the impact of this condition is having a profound effect and changes in our mental health. . We are given the opportunity to take a dip in the depths of our lives and admire a seabed we may be afraid of. Our selves are always our refuge and our strength. Being able to get to know him is the greatest gift we can offer ourselves. When reality invites you to face your authentic self and stop being the image you have created based on social becoming. Crises allow us to discover capabilities for resilience, adaptability and change. We are in a period that invites us to explore within ourselves many intuitive and enduring possibilities that offer a new, more complete acquaintance with the Self, according to Jung. It is our acquaintance with our Inner Therapist that when we come face to face with him we will wonder if we are willing to enter into a process of dialogue. If this dialogue takes place on an honest basis, we may pave the way for internal relevance and closeness. When we decide to look in the mirror we can realize if something is not in accordance with the laws of our Existence and take courageous steps towards the awareness of our authentic self. After all, this pandemic brought us to a personal place “Closed Doors”. where we have no choice but to face our truths and shed our social masks at last. Let’s dive into the unexplored landscapes of our psyche and ask ourselves again the well-known timeless philosophical questions about our identity and destiny as Humans. * Loukia Apostolidis is MSc Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist, Google and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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