Impression with Papadopoulos and VAR in Heraklion

Olympiakos broke the block as a champion and passed victoriously from “Genti Koule”, prevailing with 2-0 of OFI for the 8th game of the Superleague. A match, of course, in which the referee did not miss the mistakes, Giannis Papadopoulos, who lost several phases in the first half. , but did not “yellow” the player of the Cretan team as he should. The home side’s strike of the home team against the Frenchman went unpunished. According to the referee, the African overthrew Sakor. However, as can be seen from the replay, something like this never happened. The central defender of Piraeus touched the ball and not the player of the Cretan team. In the 29th minute, the referee gave a penalty in the marking of Cholebas to Giannou. A phase that the assistant missed, since in the beginning the OFI striker was in an offside position and therefore he should have raised his flag. The phase was controlled by the VAR and after almost five minutes (!) It was decided that Giannou was in an irregular position when Korovesis made the turn and therefore there is no penalty. We also had a delay in the phase control through the VAR in the second half. In the 85th minute Mandy Kamara scored, but the referee, after the suggestion of the assistant, canceled the goal for offside. The ball στο went to the VAR room, with Skoulas (VAR) and Moussiadis (AVAR) again making five minutes to make a decision. they waited several minutes for the decision to be made. As a result we have five minutes delays in the first half and eight minutes in the second! Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World

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